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Walmart to Buy Used Video Games for Store Credit



Walmart has announced they will be starting to buy used video games for the old and new consoles, allowing the market chain the chance to sell the old video games at their 3,100 stores in the United States for in store credit to be used on other items.

This does come at a time where video game sales account for a bit percentage of the overall purchases. While the move by Walmart to start stock used video games in store may not be good for competitors, it will make sure lower rates and more diversity in the libraries is available.

The buyback program will not be offering actual money for the video games traded into the 3,100 stores, instead offering store credit, which can be used to by other games or new items from the supermarket.

Used video games faced extinction in early 2013, when Microsoft looked to eradicate them with a fully digital design using forms of DRM. Sony managed to pull used games back into the spotlight, when millions took to Twitter and the social networks to say they want used games.

It was a weird protest by console fans, especially since PC had done just fine without pre-owned games for a good few years now, ever since Steam and other digital video game providers became more popular in the PC world and less PC discs were sold.

Walmart will begin rolling out the buy-back program on March 26 and we are not sure what titles will be sort after the most, Titanfall appears to be the most play game on Xbox One, but there is also Dark Souls II and other new exciting titles Walmart might prioritise.

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