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Worlds largest video games collection sells for $750,000 at auction

Michael Thommason, owner of the largest video games collection in the world, has sold the collection for $750,250 at an auction on GameGavel. The owner, who received certification from Guinness Book of Records, wanted to get rid of the games after not having enough room to store them.

The video game collection, consisting of over 11,000 games from all types of consoles, ranges from titles in 1982 to titles released last year. Thommason, who has previously ran several successful video game stores, used to take the best game in the package and add it to the collection.

According to Thommason “Approximately a quarter of the collection is new factory sealed! There are a whopping 2600+ factory shrink-wrapped titles in the collection! Over 8,300 are complete with box and manual.”

That’s pretty impressive for any budding collector who wants the games to all be in good condition. The collection also comes with various consoles and a lifetime subscription to Retro Magazine. The winner of the auction, peeps_10091970, could not be found for comment.

The bidding started at $1, but found its way up to $2000 in just four bids. Palmer Lucky, the founder of Oculus VR, placed two bids in the early stages of bidding, but did not go over $100,000 for the collection. The end few bids consist of catch123 and peeps_10091970 battling it out, starting at $500,000.

This brings each game to around $68 in value, around the same price as a normal console game right now. The $750,000 will go towards “immediate family and extended family that have needs that need to be addressed” alongside a few other treats, we expect.

Source: GameGavel

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