Titanfall launched on Xbox One 360 and PC

Titanfall has been officially released on the Xbox One, following a big advertising campaign from Microsoft and EA to promote the game. Whether it needed this much promotion is questionable, but the game is Microsoft’s jewel to show they have the superior console and millions are buying into it.

The team at Respawn Entertainment have worked for a few years on Titanfall, most come from Infinity Ward, the team behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The first person shooter has a lot of changes to the traditional FPS, including the Titans, huge mechs that fight on the battlefield.

Respawn has also implemented a few different features to make the game more professive, including grunts, AI controlled soldiers and weapons that auto-aim. The game modes available on Titanfall are mostly from older games like Call of Duty, the games real strength comes from the Titans.

We are not sure how many people bought an Xbox One just to play Titanfall, we imagine the number of people turning to the Xbox One now are pretty high, considering the PS4 is yet to have a solid triple-A game that is not available on the other console.

Titanfall is a multiplayer only game and for both EA and Microsoft, it needs to be a success. Early reports say it is the most played launch game on the Xbox One and millions are pre-ordering the game on PC and Xbox 360.

We still have Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy: The Division and Destiny for 2014, all huge games being developed for next generation consoles and PC. We have heard The Last of Us next expansion could be coming to PS4 only, but this is not a new IP that can fight against Titanfall, we feel.

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