Vine on Xbox One, allows gamers to share short videos game

Microsoft has added a ton of new content to the Xbox One in June, including 30 new Xbox One apps. One of the most exciting new apps is Vine, the six-second short video service that has fallen out of flavour a bit in the past few months.

The idea of having Vine on the Xbox One is a little weird, but now users can share short videos on their in-game achievements and funny moments. Vine will work in the sam way as Twitch.TV or YouTube VODs, but will be a lot smaller in size.

The interface for Vine on Xbox One does look intuitive, allowing you to crop and edit some of the recording to fit the six-second limit. This will make showing a fun small clip easier and will attract a better audience on Vine, whereas on YouTube and Twitch VODs normally last for a few minutes.

Sharing content has become a big feature on the next-generation machines, Twitch.TV integration has sparked thousands of gamers interest to start streaming their moments, instead of just playing alone or in a multiplayer with nobody to watch. The Xbox One does seem to have a better lineup of apps now, even if the PS4 is ahead in sales.

The console battle has died down in the past few months, after all the excitement for the new consoles the lack of actual exclusive games has made fanbois a little less potent on the Internet. Most big exclusives have been delayed until 2015 and games like Titanfall and Watch Dogs have both been underwhelming in terms of the grand scope of next-gen machines.

Destiny is the next big title that will be coming in 2014, alongside whatever is announced at E3 this year. We hope to see some exciting new games at E3, but most have already been revealed for this year or next year.

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