Xbox One June update brings external storage and more

The Xbox One June update has brought two big changes alongside some smaller updates to the platform. The biggest one is external storage, the Xbox One now supports up to two USB 3.0 256GB or higher storage devices, for the first time.

Considering the limited amount of storage on the Xbox One internally, only going up to 500GB, users who want to have more than 20 games stored on the platform should look into external storage, especially considering the limits go up and beyond 2TB and users can add two to the same system.

Players will be able to store games onto the external hard drive and plug the hard drive into another Xbox One, as long as they sign into their account the game is attached to and insert the disc, making sure nobody can sell a hard-drive worth of games.

OneGuide, the live TV guide, is now available in more than just the United States. Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will all receive the update, allowing them to add their cable box to the Xbox One, making them able to watch TV and play games on the same system.

Automatic sign-ins have also been added, meaning once the Xbox One is booted the system will auto sign the player in, instead of waiting for the player to log into their account. The update also allows players to switch between their gametag and real name for certain friends.

SmartGlass has been updated too, mostly bringing new Twitch updates, including notifications of friends broadcasting and fixes to the activity feed. Users in the new OneGuide countries will also be able to use SmartGlass as a remote for their TV on Xbox One.

Microsoft will be launching the Xbox One without a Kinect on June 9 and is removing Netflix and Hulu Plus from their Xbox Live Gold service, so anyone using an Xbox One can view the content without paying.

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