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Updated :Dec 21, 2023
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Green Gobbler Drain Opening powder is a powerful, eco-friendly solution designed to tackle the toughest of blockages, promising an unclogged, smoothly running drainage system. This easy-to-use powder formula is engineered to eat away at any sort of obstruction, whether it’s hair, grease, or even paper, making it a go-to choice for homeowners and plumbers alike. Green Gobbler’s Drain Opening Powder prides itself on its efficacy while ensuring safety for pipes, septic systems, and the environment.

In this comprehensive review we will explore the unique features of Green Gobbler powder, its ingredients, claimed efficiency, possible drawbacks, and customer experiences.

What is Green Gobbler?

Green Gobbler is an effective solution for dealing with stubborn drain clogs. It is a product designed to power through obstructions caused by substances like soap scum, organic matter, and even flushable hygiene products. Packaged in convenient pre-measured packs, this product takes the guesswork out of how much to use for each clog.

Ideal for various drain types including toilets, sinks, and showers, Green Gobbler is safe for all pipes and septic systems. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly with a biodegradable formula free from harsh chemicals like bleach or sodium hydroxide. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, reinforcing their confidence in the product’s effectiveness. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Remover Powder got a 4.3-star global rating from 11,676 customers on Amazon.

About The Manufacturer


Brand Logo

Green Gobbler is manufactured by EcoClean Solutions. Its manufacturers claim that they mainly aim at producing products that are safe to use on the planet i.e. they should be environmentally friendly. Therefore, Green Gobbler is not toxic to the environment. It does not contain phosphate, VOCs, fluorine, dye, sulfate organic products, synthetic fragrance, chlorine, or bleach. Stating that the product adheres to the green chemistry principles. They also talk proudly about how all their ingredients are approved by the EPA.

They are confident in the product stating that it is very easy to use. It is designed to perform at the fastest rate possible. It is also a biodegradable product. The product is also said can be used on all types of pipes.


What Are The Pros and Cons of Green Gobbler


  • Effectively clears many types of clogs
  • Environment-friendly due to its biodegradable formula
  • Safe for various pipes and septic systems
  • Free of smell and fumes
  • Easy to use with pre-measured pacs
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Wet powder can cause corrosion if left on surfaces
  • May require more time to work on tougher clogs

How Does Green Gobbler Work?

Green Gobbler Drain Opening Powder operates through a potent yet safe chemical reaction. When applied, the powder interacts with water in the pipes, igniting a heat-generating reaction. This heat is instrumental in dissolving and breaking down common drain clogs like grease, hair, soap scum, and organic matter. Green Gobbler’s active ingredients are specifically designed to liquidate grease and oils and disintegrate other organic materials like hair and food particles. This ensures the efficient clearing of pipes.

How to use Green Gobbler Work

The Green Gobbler is an effective solution for clearing clogs in your sinks, tubs, drains, and toilets. To use it, follow the instructions listed below:

For Sinks, Tubs, and Drains

  • Open one Pac and pour its entire contents into the drain.
  • Rinse any remaining powder from the surface with a small amount of hot tap water. Be cautious as wet powder can cause corrosion, especially on stainless or painted surfaces.
  • Let the solution stand in the drain for 15-30 minutes.
  • Flush the drain with plenty of hot water.
  • For stubborn clogs, use a second Pac and let it stand overnight before flushing with very hot tap water.

For Toilets

  • Empty two packets of Green Gobbler into the toilet.
  • Let it sit overnight.
  • If the water level is unusually high, wait for it to reduce by approximately 50% before flushing.

Maintenance Tip

For optimal results, use Green Gobbler in each drain in your home once a month. More detailed instructions can be found inside the label.

Quick Fix Drain Stick

  • Insert the tool as far as it will go into the drain opening. Some drain stoppers may need to be removed first.
  • Move the tool up and down. Upon extraction, there may be clogged material attached.
  • Discard the clogged material and repeat if necessary.
  • After using the tool, pour one packet of Green Gobbler into the drain and follow the usual instructions to completely clear away the remainder of the drain clog.

By routinely utilizing Green Gobbler, you can ensure a clog-free and smoothly-running drainage system in your home.


Try not to break off your drain when using it to ensure the product works as the time taken to take effect is not clearly proven. It is best to use it at night.

Customer Reviews

Many uses and good outcomes

I have used this product on sinks, shower drains, toilet clogs, and even when my garbage disposal got clogged in my kitchen sink. It has worked so well each time. I now mostly use them for monthly maintenance for my bathroom sink and shower drains.
I like that they’re not bad for plumbing, and come in convenient packets. – Allison

My go-to clog remover

Have used this product for years and for the first time I had to use two treatments so I figured I should come write a review. If you use one packet and it doesn’t work, use a second packet and leave it over night like it says on the package. My initial reaction when the first packet didn’t work was disappointment (I’m in a different house now) but when I did the recommended overnight second packet, HOLY COW it worked! Now this tub was plugged up, I was poking through the holes and dreading using the snake … didn’t have to because the next morning (after dumping 2 cups of hot water down the drain) it was just like new. – theyarenotme

It does work but precautions are needed

I used this on a bathroom vanity drain. Because the drain had a stopper that I could not take out, it was difficult to get the product in the drain. I found that I needed not only gloves but a face mask and eye protection. That was due to the “dust” as I pushed the product into the drain. It took 2 packages because it was a bad clog. But it worked!! I opened the window and turned on the fan while it was working. As other reviews have mentioned, the fumes are powerful so vent your area well. But I will say this, this product worked when all the others i tried did not. Also, use the unclog tool – it helps. – Wes Davis



Green Gobbler Drain Opening Powder emerges as an efficacious, convenient, and eco-friendly solution for stubborn drain clogs. Its potent biodegradable formula, guaranteeing safety for all types of pipes and septic systems, along with promising customer reviews, underscore its reliability and effectiveness. The manufacturer, EcoClean Solutions, is committed to promoting ‘green chemistry’, further cementing the brand’s dedication to providing solutions that are safe for the environment.

However, users should be mindful of the product’s potential drawbacks, such as the need for additional time to work on more tenacious blockages and the risk of corrosion if left on surfaces. The brand’s 30-day money-back guarantee provides an extra layer of assurance for potential buyers. As such, Green Gobbler is a sound investment for those seeking an efficient, safe, and environmentally conscious solution to their drain clogging issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long does it take Green Gobbler to work?

A. Green Gobbler typically works within 15 to 30 minutes for common clogs. For tougher blockages, it may require a longer period or a second application left overnight.

Q. Is Green Gobbler safe for all pipes?

A. Yes, Green Gobbler is safe to use with all types of pipes, and it’s also safe for septic systems.

Q. Is Green Gobbler safe to leave overnight?

A. Yes, for stubborn clogs, it’s recommended to use a second application of Green Gobbler and let it stand overnight before flushing with hot water.

Q. Does Green Gobbler dissolve hair?

A. Yes, the active ingredients in Green Gobbler are specifically designed to disintegrate organic materials like hair and food particles, as well as liquidate grease and oils.

Q. How many times can I use Green Gobbler?

A. Green Gobbler can be used as needed to clear clogs in sinks, tubs, drains, and toilets. For optimal results and maintenance, it can be used once a month in each drain in your home.

Q. How long can Green Gobbler stay in drain?

A. Green Gobbler can stay in the drain anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes for basic clogs. For tougher blockages, it can be left overnight.

Q. Does Green Gobbler dissolve toilet paper?

A. Yes, Green Gobbler is designed to power through obstructions caused by substances like soap scum, organic matter, and even flushable hygiene products, which includes toilet paper.

Q. Is Green Gobbler good for slow drains?

A. Yes, by dissolving and breaking down common drain clogs like grease, hair, soap scum, and organic matter, Green Gobbler can improve the flow of slow drains.

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    Emily Thompson December 21, 2023

    Reliable option for maintaining a clog-free drainage system.

    I found it to be a decent solution for common drain issues. It effectively cleared clogs in sinks and showers, but it took some time on tougher blockages. The eco-friendly aspect and pre-measured packs are convenient, though caution is needed with wet powder. Overall, a satisfactory product with some considerations.


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