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232 Teeth Removed From Indian Teen

Ashik Gaval from India is not your ordinary 17-year-old, because in just one dentist appointment, 232 teeth were removed from his mouth._76474804_468f8227-7f85-4ff4-9b83-f4ab5b16277a

This is a phenomenon where an abnormal number of teeth flowered in the teen’s jaw line. This incredible number set of teeth in the boy’s mouth is a world record according to doctors from Mumbai’s Sir J.J. Hospital.

Like having 232 teeth in one mouth is not odd enough, these teeth actually came from just one molar.

According to the hospital’s dental department head Sunanda Dhvare-Palwankar since they were not yet sure what is going on with the teen’s jaw, they decided to go ahead with the surgery.

Tumor budding with teeth. Indian Teenager Ashik Gaval has been suffering from pain on the right part of his mouth. This portion of his mouth was also swelling. When he went for a check up, the dentists found out that one of his molars became tumor-like. The second molar from the right side of Gaval’s jaw is flowering with so many teeth of different shapes and sizes. The dentists from Sir J.J. went on to conduct a surgery that lasted seven hours.INDIA-HEALTH

According to Dr. Dhivare-Palwankar, it is very unique that all of the 232 teeth, with sizes as small as a grain of mustard to as big as marbles, came from a single molar.

In the center of the set of teeth, there was a rock-like core, which the dentists drilled out. They used the outdated “chisel-mallet” operation just to remove the rock-like structure, which had great pressure on the jawbone and the rest of the healthy teeth that surround it.

This phenomenon is known as the “complex composite odonntom.” This health condition is not lethal, but it can lead to swelling and eating problems.

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