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5 Cardio Work Outs That Are Better Than Running

Running is the first thin that comes into peoples minds when they speak of cardiovascular workouts.

But there are other forms of workouts out there that may be more effective for you.

  1. Aqua Jogging. Imagine running underwater. This could get your heart rate up. It is very easy to perform and it has less impact on the muscles and joints compared to the ordinary running. One hour of this workout can help you burn 650 to 850 calories.slide_372634_4324344_free
  2. Rock Climbing. This is a very challenging work out. It develops your stamina and strength. At the same time, it helps you overcome your fear of heights. An hour of this workout can help you burn 750 to 1,000 calories.slide_372634_4324346_free
  3. Jumping Rope. This is like child’s play if you think about it. But if you try ding it for 10 minutes at your age now and you could lose from 90 to 120 calories.slide_372634_4324348_free
  4. Eliptical. This machine is easy to use and it does not have the harsh effects of running on your joints and muscles. Bring the incline and resistance t a higher level and feel 1,000 calories burning within an hour.slide_372634_4324350_free
  5. Playing Basketball. This is an intense game, it develops sportsmanship, and it is fun. Play an hour-long basketball in full-court with your friends and you can burn up to 750 calories.slide_372634_4324440_free

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