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5 Health Problems Related to Height

Taller men have valuable biological characteristics. Shorter people are more prone to certain diseases, especially dementia. But this doesn’t necessarily mean taller men are always at an advantage.

Here are 5 health problems related to height:

  1. Dementia. A recent study from the University of Edinburgh found that short men are at higher risk for dementia. Their chances of incurring the disease increases by 25 percent for every two inches they have less.
  2. Cancer. A 2008 study found that taller men are more likely to get prostate cancer than shorter men. Another study in 2011 suggests that the risk for cancer increases by 16 percent for every extra four inches they have. This applies for both men and women.Cancer
  3. Heart Diseases. A study in 2008 found that shorter adults are 50 percent at risk of developing heart disease, experience heart attack, or die from it. Short people are those whose heights are below 160.5 cm.
  4. Stroke. A study from Israel found that a 5cm increase in a person’s height can be linked to a 13 percent increase in risks of experience fatal stroke.Stroke
  5. Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes has always been associated to overweight and obesity. However, there are new scientific arguments surfacing lately suggesting that it can be linked to height. Though there is no concrete explanation, a study found that children with diabetes are shorter than their non-diabetic counterparts.

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