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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018

When it comes to taking off your brain and adopting some healthy habits to optimize your brain power, rest is very vital. Research on the impact of having enough sleep and its effectiveness on brain power, reveals a significant majority suffer from fatigue related complications. Thus, ensure you sleep for at least 6 hours every 24 hours. Exercising regularly causes more blood flow to your brain providing it with the required oxygen and nutrient levels keeping ensuring you have refreshed always.

Stress takes away our brain power and getting a way of dealing with it is key to good brain health. One of the best means of combating stress is always remaining optimistic. When you adopt a culture of positive thinking, your brain gets the capacity to stay focused on solving your problems. Additionally, adopting the policy of taking one task at a time. The move helps you avoid the stress of everything crumbling in your hands something that lowers your brain power and will to face life challenges. Here are some healthy brain tips you ought to consider.


healthy brain exercises
Exercise is said to be the key to a healthy brain on matters precise thinking and memory. Research on the subject reveals activity is the key to Brain Health. The benefits of exercise on the health of your body exceed brain health with some stimulating chemicals in the brain that hamper growth of brain cells. Thus, it is very accurate to refer to exercise as the best brain food.

Indirectly, exercise helps your sleep and lowers anxiety. Problems in these areas are critical contributors to cognitive impairment. Further research into the area shows exercising some brain parts is very vital in controlling your thinking and memory. More exciting news on the subject show intense and consistent brain exercise is critical in increasing the brain volume in specific areas as it causes more brain cells to grow.

Here is what you need to do, start exercising regularly. Aerobic exercise, cycling, and swimming are some of the best Brain exercises that not only keep you fit but ensures your thinking is not blurred. You may ask how many minutes or hours do I need to exercise every week to boost my memory or brain health. Taking 2 hours of your time every week is enough for a better brain memory.

Ensure the activity is rigorous, and roughly 3 hours if you choose moderate exercise. You can choose to increase your time by 10 minutes each week just to push your brain power to the limits. If you are not a favorite of walking, consider intense exercises to give your brain the energy it needs to function optimally.


healthy brain activities
Though some people linked smoking to increased brain power due to nicotine contained in cigarettes, recent research into the habit reveals, smoking hinders normal brain functioning. The problem is not limited to the elderly but cuts to persons of all ages and class. Stroke and lung cancer are some of the common problems linked to smoking which ought to be the least of your worries.

Young adults are at risk of blurred thinking something that cannot be reversed by the Best brain supplements. A renown researcher in use reveals smoking for a long time decreases the cognitive ability of the brain lowering brain memory by more than 2%. The reason behind the declined brain health is directly linked to the various chemicals contained in cigarettes. Damage to brain cells coupled with the stress of life compound the problems even further. Whether you are an old or young smoker, quit smoking now for better health and replace tobacco by taking enough water and observing a balanced diet.

Most importantly, consult on the most effective techniques of smoking and get the Best vitamins for brain power. Ensure your journey to quitting smoking does not cause you more suffering that could further jeopardize your brain health.

For those who doubt the side effects of smoking on body health, here are some of the common effects of smoking on the body. Never take a cocktail of tobacco products as some are more dangerous than your ordinary cigarettes. Buckle up as you get to see what smoking does directly to your brain.

  • Smashing your verbal acumen
  • Normal intellectual capacity

When the two are affected, you not only have a problem with your thinking but a more significant problem with speech. After quitting smoking, you stand a chance of getting your brain power again and think even better.


healthy brain food

Although drinking too much of red wine is harmful to your health, taking moderate amounts of the drink is vital for your brain health. Drinking red wine has been advocated by medics for decades on end. Your heart stands to benefit from the habit while your brain gets stimulation from the alcohol and gets well nourished with lots of nutrients.

Positive effects of taking your Best red wine’ brand extend to other body parts making its consumption quite healthy. Though the Benefits of wine are enormous in the body, discipline and consistency in the habits you choose are what makes the difference. If you lack the control of taking moderate amounts of the drink, you are likely to tamper with your normal body functioning.

Researchers have found out what red wine does to neurons and other nerve cells. Wine metabolizes in effect protecting the neurons from dying thereby increasing your brain power even under stressful circumstances. The metabolites in red wine are essential in protecting your neurons from but you ought to take the Best cheap red wine brand you can get if you cannot access the exotic names.

Finally, choose the Best red wine for the health of your brains to check what you consume to influence microbiota in your gut. Always remember your diet cannot be complemented by any supplements, you will need to eat right to promote brain power.


brain health tips

Have you ever wondered why sleep is vital for the normal functioning body especially the brain? Research into the matter has been going on for ages with different theories being fronted on we need sleep. Though some of the arguments are just myths, science reveals sleeping gives the bodies a chance to regenerate, body cells relax, and regeneration of damaged cells takes place.

Benefits of sleep are psychological giving the body a chance to conserve energy. Though some parents will joke about sleeping, the lack of sleep will lead to wearing out of the body and the lack of morale to work. Adult sleep hours range from 6-8 while kids need to sleep for more extended periods since the brain still functions while you are deep asleep.

One of the critical benefits of sleeping is solidifying your memory in the long term. Research into the subject reveals persons of all ages who get enough sleep have better memory since their neural connections are stronger. Besides, sleep helps the elimination of unwanted neural connections. Since the brain takes in lots of links within the day, not all the relationships are worth reserving. Thus, sleep helps the brain streamline connections ensuring you retain memories critical events within your day.

Most people will attest to the fact majority of people remember essential items after small nap within the day. Persons who have poor sleeping habits have poor memories as they have difficulty remembering tasks. Separating a day’s events from a small nap especially during lunch break gives your brain a chance to link tasks offering better memory. Amount of sleep needed for better brain power will vary from one person to another, yet one is not advised to spend the entire day in bed all in the name of enhancing brain power.

It is no theory, but sleep will help in memory consolidation as it gives you time to refresh and gather more strength. Besides, research reveals lack of sleep weakens your neuron connections compromising your memory.
Cognition is a process through which our brains learn new things. It does not require rocket science to explain the link between enough sleep and cognitive abilities. Lack of enough sleep is directly linked to mental fatigue which affects proper decision making.

If you desire to get higher cortical functions and multitasking, you will need to have enough rest. Depriving your body enough sleep means you risk poor decision making and makes your learning process difficult especially for students. For instance, driving requires a lot of multitasking as it engages, your feet, eyes, and awareness of what is happening around you. When you give your body time to rest, you get better multitasking abilities and the chances of causing an accident lowered. Thus, have enough sleep to give your brain the capacity to perform executive functions.

Creativity is one of the highest tests your brain will face, as it involves coming up with something new or making an innovation an existing idea. When people lack enough time to sleep creativity thoughts are affected more than other thoughts. The Best way to relax is getting to bed early and sleep until morning.

It is proven persons who lack enough sleep hardly think outside the box and have difficulty comprehending new ideas. Never compromise on your sleeping, make 6 hours a top priority in your schedule as cognitive thinking cannot be complemented by anything.


Do you some taking some time alone in silence gives your brain space to think and catch up on some critical events. Silence is healthy for your healthy brain function, prompting the importance of Enjoying silence within the course of your schedule.

The first benefit you draw from enjoying your silence is a better memory. Going for a walk alone stimulates brain regeneration in the hippocampus promoting enhanced memory. A study in the US reveals adults who take an average of 40 minutes of silent moments every week have healthier hippocampus consequently having a better memory. Immersing yourself in some lonely moments every week gives you better mind and focus on what to do.

Brain growth for persons who take silent moments is quite higher as the brain has more time to allow new cells to grow. Two hours of silence helps your mind create new cells in the hippocampus area translating to a better functioning brain.

Free relaxing music is one of the best ways to relieve stress lowering the intensity of pressure on the brain. Noise causes more stress making things worse as stress hormones are produced more in noisy environments. Soft music sends some electrical signals through the ear causing the body to relax while the brain gets to produce more cells. Silence releases tension within the body and the body can adjust and give you brain relieve.

One of the best ways of fighting insomnia is having some silent moments. Taking some time alone has been proven to enhance sleep especially in adults who have lots of responsibilities. Fatigue and insomnia can be cured by drawing the attention of your brain towards one task at a time. Take some time alone and concentrate on sleep, figure out how good you will feel in your sleep and you will start experiencing a renewed desire to sleep.

When you take some time alone, you heighten your sensitivity to everything happening around you. When you refrain from reading or writing and speech, your awareness levels double. Shutting off such activities make you more aware of your responsibilities and give you a possible way out. Practicing the technique of meditation enhances your overall well being making your body function better, and you can foretell of events likely to happen in the future. As a result, reflection gives your body the capacity to regenerate and make decisions that impact your organization positively.

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