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5 Major Muscle-Toning Workout Mistakes

If you want to have toned muscles, you should focus on balance, activity, and rests.

Here are some muscle-toning pitfalls that you should avoid to effectively tone your muscles:

  1. You are focusing on the wrong muscles. It’s not just about doing the workout movement. It is about understanding which muscle you are targeting. Focus the energy on the muscle you target when you do certain workout routines.focusing on the wrong muscles
  2. You are using the wrong dumbbell weights. If you are using a dumbbell that is too light, your muscle won’t get challenged. This won’t tone your muscle. But if you were using a dumbbell that is too heavy, you would only strain your muscle. Make sure you carry just the right weight.wrong dumbbell weights
  3. You are overtraining. If you overwork your muscles, they won’t have enough time to repair themselves. Challenging yourself will bring you to newer heights, but overdoing it in a short period of time would cause serious injury.overtraining
  4. You are only doing cardio workouts. Cardio is good, but you should balance it with weight training.cardio workouts
  5. You don’t do full-body moves. Use the exercise ball to engage your whole body when you do your workouts.full-body moves

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