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5 Most Common Meat Myths Debunked

You try to eat less myth, and maybe even transition into a vegetarian just to be healthy or to be fit. Perhaps you are one of the people who got tricked into believing some of the most common meat myths that has been around for a very long time.

Experts have recently debunked some of these common meat myths. You’d be surprised that most of the things you knew about meats are actually the opposite of what the truth is.

Here are the five most common meat myths debunked:

  1. It Causes Cancer. There are not scientific proofs of meat being linked with cancer. It is in the way that the meat is cooked that may lead to cancer. The best thing to do is cook meat in a gentler method and cut off the burned parts.10 1
  2. Can’t be Digested. People believe meat is not easily digested and will rot in your colon. Meat actually gets broken down in the small intestine and then it goes to your blood stream.10 2
  3. Heart Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes. People have been eating meat way before this medical condition became a major health problem. It is best to consume meat in moderation.10 3
  4. Makes You Fat. Its fat and cholesterol content makes people think meat will make them fat. Meat is actually rich in protein, which helps you lose weight10 4
  5. Damage the Body. There are no proofs that meat can destroy your bone and your kidney. 10 5

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