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5 Plants for Better Sex Life

Chris Kilham is the famous Medical Hunter who searches the whole world for plants that are proven medical remedies. He found plants that can enhance a person’s health, but the most notable plants that he came across with are the “hot plants,” or plants that boost the people’s sexual life.

From Malaysia, all the way up to the Amazon Rainforest, here are the top natural aphrodisiacs in Kilham’s list:

5. Maca. This plant is native to Peru. You can find these plants at 15,000 feet altitude of the highlands of Peru. This is best for people who are depressed and have lost their sexual drive.MACA-LEPIDIUM-MEYENII

4. Tongkat Ali. This is actually the root of a tropical tree Native to Malaysia. This plant is considered a wonder plant with so many benefits, including boosting testosterone, enhances erectile function, and increases overall libido.IMG_3225

3. Rhodiola Rosea. This plant is a Native to Central Asia. Ancient Chinese emperors even set out search parties to look for this plant in the far west areas of China. This is considered an elixir of life as it enhances menstrual cycle for men, boost testosterone for men, and increases libido or sex drive.368646783_270

2. Chuchuhuasi. This plant is native to the Amazonia and it boosts mental and sexual function.chris_kilham_with_chuchu_huasi_peruvian_amazon_by_zoe_helene_2012_-_684

1. Horny Goat Weed. Native to China, the name itself requires no introduction.5268



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