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5 Surprising Signs That Will Tell You You’re Fit

According to Shannon Fable, Anytime Fitness director of exercise, there are signs that will tell you you’re fit more than you give yourself some credit for.  You may be surprised that your daily chores are keeping you fit as if you’ve been working out in the gym. To know that you are, you just have to answer yes to the items listed inside this article.

  1. Are you carrying a bag full of daily items? You may have been despairing that your pals have been working out and lifting weights to tone their arms but what you may have been forgetting is the actual weight you carry everyday. If you notice your bag is always heavy and frustrate over it, think that you’re moving mass through space and it actually makes you very strong.03-personal-trainer-reveals-handbag2-sl
  2. Can you get inside and out the car without pain? If you can then that’s a sign you have strong knees, which is a result of squatting to get in and out of the car at least 4x a day.09-personal-trainer-reveals-climb-in-sedan2-sl
  3. Can you stand without having to shift your weight? If yes then you’re better than many people who have chronic back pain because of longer sitting in front of the computer.10-personal-trainer-reveals-stand-in-line2-sl
  4. Can you shop without a need to pause? If yes then it’s a good sign you have healthier cardiovascular system. If you can carry grocery items towards the car, and towards your kitchen counter without so much as a puff, then you’re it.04-personal-trainer-reveals-grocery-bag-sl
  5. Can you cook with a lot distractions? If you can, then that’s a good sign you’re mentally fit because you have a healthy coordination. 07-personal-trainer-reveals-crowded-kitchen2-sl

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