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5 Surprising Things Your OB/GYN Can Reveal About Your Health

A 20-minute basic examination from your gynecologist can reveal a lot of surprisingly important things about your health.

Wondering if you should make an appointment? Those 20 minutes could reveal more about your health than you realize.1

  1. They can identify what’s wrong with your sex life. A lot of women are not comfortable discussing their sexual problems. But visiting your gynaecologist won’t even require you to talk about it. Your gynaecologist can determine vaginal dryness from estrogen fluctuations.
  2. Weak muscles. There are gynecologists that are experts in muscles. They can determine if there are any problems of weakening in your muscles and whether it is leading to incontinence.
  3. Identify the type of yeast infection you have. A lot of women self-treat their yeast infection. But there are different kinds of vaginal infections related to yeast infections. Your gynaecologist can tell the type of yeast infection with the vaginal discharge and will give you the appropriate treatment.
  4. They can identify serious disease. Gynecologists can determine if you have cancer. Which is why seeing your gynaecologist at a regular basis is important. It is better to treat deadly diseases when spotted early.
  5. You might have a unique condition that separates you from the rest. You may never know that you have two uteruses or two vaginas until you see your gynecologist.

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