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6 Alternate Health Care Devices for Developing Countries

Developed countries have advance health care technologies, which are not available in third world, developing countries. Even though advanced technological health care devices are easier to develop and less expensive to produce, the developing world, especially in Asia and Africa still can’t afford them.

But here are alternative medical devices that could help multitudes of people in developing countries:

D-Rev Brilliance5 D-Rev Brilliance

This is an energy-efficient health care device that can treat jaundice among babies. Three out of five babies have jaundice and a small percent of them have the disease in its severe degree. This alternative device helps some six million children from impoverished third world countries.

D-Rev ReMotion Key5 D-Rev ReMotion Key

This device helps countless of people from developing countries where there are so many amputees every year due to disease, trauma, and disasters.

Hemafuse and 4. ®Evolve5 Hemafuse and 4. ®Evolve

This is an autotransfusion device that can retransfuse the blood of a patient suffering from internal hemorrhage, injured from accidents, or mothers with ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

Swasthya Slate5 Swasthya Slate

This device can connect to Android phones or tablets to conduct diagnosis easier, checking the blood pressure, ECG, body temperature, blood type, and the heart rate.

Lifebox5 Alternate Health Care Devices for Developing Countries

This pulse oximeter can provide safer surgery for patients in the third world.

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