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6 Major Preventable Causes of Cancer

The American Association for Cancer Research released September 16 a report that reveals one in every 22 people in the US is a cancer survivor.

The number of people who survived cancer in America jumped to 14.5 million today from 1971’s 3 million.

The research emphasized that certain lifestyle choices are the leading reasons for cancer.

There are a lot of advancements in cancer treatment. But according to experts the best way to curb cancer mortality is prevention. For example, cigarette smoking is one of the main causes of cancer. Quitting it would be one of the best ways to lower cancer mortality in the country.

Here are the major cancer causes that can actually be prevented:

  1. Tobacco. Cigarette smoking causes 33% of cancer in America.Cigarette-Smoking-is-Mainly-Causes-of-Lung-Cancer
  2. Obese & overweight. 20% of cancer in the country is because of the complications that come with being overweight.Obesity-susceptible-to-breast-cancer-300x224
  3. Pathogens.e-coli
  4. Sedentary Life. Lack of physical activity is responsible for 5% of the cancer in the country.laziness-300x197
  5. Bad Diet Habits. 5% of the cancer in America is caused by people’s poor dietary habits.junk_food_kihlx1
  6. Ultraviolet Devices. Ultraviolet rays from the sun or from tanning technologies cause 2% of the cancer in America.dark-skin-uv-rays

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