Weight Loss Facts: 7 “Healthy Habits” That Are Disrupting Your Efforts

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Last Updated: Nov 9, 2018


Are you trying to lose weight but to no avail? Does it seem as if you have tried practicing all the healthy habits imaginable and yet you just can’t seem to shake off the excess pounds? Well, maybe it is a bout time that you rethink what you consider to be a balanced diet.

You may think that you are already doing everything right. But for your information, there are a few seemingly healthy habits which you do that are preventing you from achieving your weight loss goal. To help you with that, here are a few weight loss facts that you should know about.


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When you think of natural weight loss, the first thing that would come to mind would be a high-fiber diet. The food that is usually associated with this type of diet is no other than fruits. Because of this, many people think that eating lots of fruit is the best weight loss program that they can try.

While it is true that fruits are high in fiber (and fiber can help you lose weight), you must keep in mind that these are also high in sugar. The more fruits you eat, the more sugar you consume. When your body already consumes too much sugar than what it needs, it stores sugar directly to the fat cells which would lead to more fats that you need to lose.

When trying to lose weight, it is recommended that you consume only 1 to 2 cups a day, depending on your calorie consumption. It is also recommended that you opt for fruits that have low glycemic index such as pears, grapefruit, strawberries, apples, and raspberries.


weight loss
How to burn fat? More than a fat burning diet, you also need exercise. The best workout to lose weight is no other than cardio workouts. Because of this, many people tend to go overboard with their workouts.

While cardio can help you lose weight, it is not the only workout that you should do. You should not neglect the importance of strength training too. According to studies, overweight people who have performed both cardio and strength training exercises were able to lose more weight and body fat as compared to those who perform only one type of exercise.

The rationale behind this is that strength training exercises help to build muscles and muscles can burn fats even if you are at rest, allowing you to lose more weight. The key here is to find balance between your strength training and cardio routine. It is best that you do cardio 1 – 3 times a week then perform strength training three times a week on alternate days. And to make sure that you can make the most out of your workout routine, it is best that you take the best weight loss supplement so you can have the energy you need for your workouts and at the same time, boost your weight loss process.


healthy eating
How to lose weight? Some people think that losing weight is all about shying away from the unhealthy dishes and going for healthy food. As a result, the weight loss diet plan of most people is filled with “healthy snacks”.

But more than the type of food, you must also keep in mind that moderation is always the key to losing weight. How much you eat is also important. No matter how healthy your snacks are, if you eat lots of them, you will not be able to lose weight.

The secret here is to stick to the recommended serving size of the snack. This information is found on the label of the healthy snacks that you can buy at the grocery store so be sure to check it out.


weight loss supplement
An energy bar is the most popular diet food that we have nowadays. And yes, this can help you lose weight in a way that they can provide you the energy that you need to achieve your workouts, But without proper workout, consuming energy bars would just make you fatter instead of fitter.

To correct this, you should supplement your diet with exercise. You can do cardio exercises to burn calories and fats. And don’t forget to complement your cardio routine with high-intensity strength training exercises so you can build muscles.

And even if you do the right types of exercise, the high amount of calories in energy bars and sports drinks would just simply negate the calories that you have burned during your workout.

As a better alternative, it is best that you take natural weight loss supplements that are designed to boost your energy and stimulate the fat loss process. If that is not enough, you can also try consuming pre-workout snacks that are high in carbohydrates and proteins like nuts or a piece of apple.

After work out, you can try drinking a whey smoothie so that you can jump start the muscle recovery process and boost your metabolism at the same time.


healthy meals
Many people who are looking for ways on how to lose weight naturally often end up with a low carb diet which totally makes sense. After all, the lesser carbohydrates they eat, the lesser calories that they have to burn.

As a result, we think that one of the best foods for weight loss that we can consume is a vegetable salad. They have become the go-to meal for people who are on a diet. While there is nothing wrong with consuming leafy greens (lettuce, kale, and the likes) and a few non-starchy additions, it is with the toppings that we often encounter a few problems.

Often, the salads that we consume (most especially the ones that we order in the restaurants) are laden with calorie bombs like croutons, cheese, dressings, nuts, bacon bits, tortilla strips and many more!

If you really want to lose weight, you should learn how to create salad right (also, try to avoid ordering it from the restaurant). We can help you with that. In creating a weight loss vegetable salad, you should start with choosing a dark green base like arugula, kale or spinach. Lettuce may be low calorie, but it offers almost no nutritional value to the body.

For the second layer of your salad, we recommend going for three types of non-starchy ingredients like bell pepper, tomatoes, and cucumber. For protein toppings, you can go for 4 to 6 ounces of meat (fish, turkey or chicken). Make sure that the meat is not fried or breaded as it can boost the calorie count of the salad. For the toppings, you can choose for a quarter cup of nuts or a half slice of avocado.

Here’s the tricky part. For the dressings, shy away from the creamy dressings and opt for clear-based ones instead. Stick to lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or oil, and make sure to put only less than two tablespoons of it.


healthy dinner
Our idea of a healthy diet is one that is filled with antioxidants that can protect our body from a wide array of health issues. Red wine is known to contain high amounts of resveratrol, which is a type of antioxidant. It is also said to help people lose weight (some even say that it is the reason why French ladies are so slim!). Because of this, many people think that the best diet to weight lose is to drink wine every night with their dinner.

For your information, wine contains calories too and consuming it every night will add up to the calories that you need to burn per day. In addition to that, wine can reduce your inhibitions which will cause you to unknowingly eat more.

Although, if you can’t curb your cravings for alcohol, wine is a great option. The best thing that you can do is to set a limit. Stick to just drinking a glass of wine per night or a whole bottle, spread out the entire week. And for a healthier option, go for organic wines that are free of sulfite.


healthy diet
How to lose weight fast? The most common answer to this would be to avoid foods high in sugar, which is bad news for all the sweet tooth lovers out there. Sadly though, avoiding desserts or sugary food, is not one of the easy ways to lose weight because it is not easy to curb your cravings.

That’s why most people who are on a diet looked for the next best alternative, and they discovered the glory of artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes. That is amazing, right? Actually, no.

Opting for food with sugar substitutes may lower your caloric consumption, but it may increase your risk of developing diabetes, heart problems, and obesity. That’s why you should avoid sugar-free foods and drinks as much as possible.

If you really want something sweet, go for a healthy alternative like fruits. If it still doesn’t satisfy you, go for desserts that contain as little sugar as possible and make sure to eat it in moderation.

How can I lose weight fast? The truth of the matter is, weight loss is a tricky process. What makes it even more confusing are the contradicting statements and information that you can find online.

The best way to lose weight is to choose the right diet plans. But more than that, it is important that you avoid the seemingly healthy habits (but in truth, are the reasons why you can’t seem to lose weight) that we have mentioned above so you can jump start your weight loss journey!

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