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7 Simple Daily Disciplines To Live A Longer Life

A lot of people spend their entire life looking for the fountain of youth. The truth is, living a longer life is quite easy. You simply have to practice a few easy disciplines everyday.images-feel-better-live-longer-1

Here are the little things you can do every day to live a longer life:

  1. Run around the block. Simply run for five minutes every day. Studies show that running less than an hour a week gives you the same health benefit that running for more than three hours a week can give.
  2. If you drink coffee and you don’t feel any side effects including gastric upset, anxiety, or headaches, then it means you are a “fast metabolizer” and your body is absorbing all the benefits from drinking coffee. Drink up to three cups a day.
  3. Take on responsibility, like taking care of a pet or a plant. Study shows it increases your well-being. Remember, it is never too late to take on responsibility.The-Length-of-Your-Life-is-Decided-by-Lifestyle
  4. Volunteer for a beautiful cause. The feeling you get from helping others gives you so much more than the effort you gave.
  5. Great sex provides better physical function and higher health satisfaction.
  6. Being optimistic is good. But adding a little realism in your life helps you prepare for the worst. It does not necessarily mean be a pessimist though.
  7. If you don’t have enough time for a daily exercise routine, at least stand up as much as you can. It can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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