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7 Top Workouts More Effective Combined

Following one work out program will later on bore you. It may not be that effective anymore since your body will get used to the same routine. This is why fitness classes that combine different workout techniques are becoming very popular recently. This way, you will not plateau because combined exercises will keep your body guessing.

Here are some of the top combined workout programs:

  • Running and Strength Training. Sometimes it’s easy to skip cardio and just do weights or skip weights and only do cardio exercises. This is why mixing them in one program is a good idea. Endurance and speed workouts mixed with strength training will give you faster results. This is way better than doing one of these workouts without the other.running strength
  • Rowing and Yoga. A lot of people think that rowing is only good for your arms, but this training actually works out your lower body effectively. After rowing, go ahead to doing yoga exercises to increase flexibility and improve your next rowing
  • Dance and Strength Training. If you love dancing, go ahead and dance. This can be your cardio exercise. And after dancing, proceed to strength training. It is always great to incorporate your favorite training with another workout unfamiliar to your
  • Pilates and Boxing. This workout starts with high-intensity boxing to rev up your heart rate, and then you slow it down with Pilates to tone your muscles.pilates boxing
  • Barre and Pilates. Barre puts the focus on your legs developing your stamina and strength by doing ballet-inspired steps. While Pilates promotes your stability, strength and flexibility. By combining these two workouts, you can improve your endurance and coordination.Mariska-barre-4
  • Boot Camp and Yoga. These two seems extremely polarized exercises, but by combining these two exercises, you can get amazing benefits. Your body will get the beating from boot camp training, but it will be relaxed afterwards with the boot camp
  • Cycling and Barre. You start this integrated work out with an intense cycling activity for your heart and legs, and then you use the bike handles to perform Barre workouts to sculpt your body.orig

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