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8 Brilliant, Young Minds Making Future of Medicine Brighter

1. Joshua Meier. This 18-year old young genius is fro New Jersey. He started his research about aging stem cells when he was still 14 years old and he hopes it could be used to develop cancer treatments.140730151203-joshua-meier-headshot-horizontal-gallery.jpg

2. Adeeb Alblloshi. This 10-year old is an inventor from the UAE. At a very young age of six, he already developed a waterproof prosthetic leg for his father who was inflicted with polio.140813100410-adeeb-alblooshi-horizontal-gallery

3. Samantha Marquez. This 18-year old developed an astounding concept of a three-dimensional living cell structure when she was still 11. The goal was to help organ repair and speed up drug delivery to the body.140730152216-samantha-marquez-headshot-horizontal-gallery

4. Michelle Marquez. This 15-year old started to study intangible elements such as emotions and music. When she was 11, she analyzed how the brain activity can be influenced by the sounds it hears.140730151608-michelle-marquez-headshot-horizontal-gallery

5. Sandile Kubheka. This 21-year old graduated medicine when he was 20 and became South Africa’s youngest medical doctor.140812124951-sandile-kubheka-horizontal-gallery

6. Tony Hansberry. This 20-year old Jacksonville, Florida resident developed a medical stitch, three times faster than the traditional method, for patients with hysterectomy. AND he did that when he was still 14.140730152357-tony-hansberry-headshot-horizontal-gallery

7. Jack Andraka. This 17-year old young man is from Maryland. When he was still 14, he developed a low-cost test to detect the earliest signs of pancreatic cancer.130302192010-ted-andraka-8-horizontal-gallery

8. Andrew Almazan Anaya. He became a psychologist at the age of 16, and became an MD soon after. Since then, he became unstoppable with his work on diabetes treatment and head a research to support gifted education.140805120353-andrew-almazan-anaya-horizontal-gallery

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