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9 Best Ways To Keep Skin Looking Young

There are people who are already in their 40s, but still have wonderful and young looking skin.

There are things you do everyday that can damage your skins and make it look older. But having a younger looking skin is actually quite easy.

Here are the best ways to having that young looking skin:

  1. But an Umbrella. Sunbathing feels good and that tan can make you look beautiful. But that sun can destroy the collagen and elastin fibers on your skin. Don’t expose your skin to the sun too much. Get yourself an umbrella.2014-08-06-40af8b50811f574e16c2ccf7121efd6e-thumb
  2. Avoid Refined Sugar. Fake sugar from sports drinks and other low fat products can make your molecules brittle because due to glycation of your tissue. This can ultimately make your skin weaker.
  3. Antioxidants. Passion fruit, Greek yogurt, white flesh, almonds, and olive oil are filled with natural anti-inflammatory molecules and antioxidants that can make your skin more radiant.2014-08-06-a4c85e1d118a9de5e79d257ded2d0661-thumb
  4. Exfoliate Moderately. Don’t cleanse your face too much using different kinds of face wash, because it can take away the moisture on your face.2014-08-06-2fb1a3a6d1132a1b1f4abe8d457e4e04-thumb
  5. Exercise Moderately. If you work out too much, your skin will look stressed.2014-08-26-excersise-thumb
  6. Sleep. Don’t oversleep. Sleeping restores and rejuvenates your skin.2014-08-07-334b7f859fa22fd58dca2f9a3bb74a9c-thumb
  7. Drink Plenty of Water. The skin needs water for proper cell function.2014-08-07-b6e811e6826acf41a7bf2a9c97c15209-thumb
  8. Technology. Times have changed and getting botox or fillers are openly accepted these days. You should give them a try to keep your skin looking 10 years younger.2014-08-07-f999fe00e6d1efc55d26b973bafaff34-thumb
  9. Wise Skincare Choices. Don’t easily get influenced by advertisements. Consult with the experts to know which skincare products are best for you.2014-08-13-cobertbottles-thumb

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