9 Adult bedroom games for couples that can boost your relationship

Face it! Your sex life can be so much more exciting and much less complicated than the one you and your significant other get to have right now. Are you ready to play adult bedroom games to take your rare couple time to the next level? Who knows? Both of you might get turned on so much that your new sex-capades might just make you both want to give each other a spiced up TLC more frequently — even on tiring week nights.

List of Games that you can play during sex

Love games, couple games, bedroom games — Call them what you want but, what you need to know is that every relationship, new and old alike, can use a little more excitement. Drop your inhibitions about dirty games for couples so you and your partner can finally discover what you’ve both been missing all this time. Listed below are 9 couple games to play at home with your partner:

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Ask fun and sexy questions

Set your partner’s psyche for pure fun in the bedroom by playing with his head. This is one of the more romantic games for couples who have never tried playing hot bedroom games for couples ever before. If you’re both still shy, this is a good place to start. In fact, why wait until you’re in the bedroom to ask each other kinky questions? Sex-text your husband or boyfriend at work or, start talking sexy when you’re hitching a ride home. You’ll both be ready to hit the sheets by the time you make it to the front door. Who wants to have dinner?

Role play

This fun game for couples gives you both an avenue to live out your sexual fantasies. If you think about it, it is one of the perks that you both should be getting from each other, other than having somebody you can trust and confide in. Here are some sexy, steamy scenes you can try:

  • A cop and a lost woman. Ask your partner for directions like a damsel lost and desperate. Let your intimate parts brush on him and allow him to explore your body with a stick.
  • Master and slave. Oh, ‘Fifty Shades’ here you go! Play around with some leather and ropes. Heck, you can use anything available in your bedroom to let him tie you up like his necktie.
  • Student and teacher. Dress up and allow your teacher to show you the way. This is one of the best games for couples who are just starting out, and it opens an opportunity for you to figure out what turns him on.

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Love is blind

Many couples find blindfolding a sexy activity. You should use a richly textured smooth cloth to keep it steamy. What makes this game during sex actually more interesting is when you can keep it sensual because you’re both trying to use your other senses other than your eyes to please each other. Sexing while blindfolded give you both the opportunity to become completely immersed in sexual pleasures without having to worry about how you look.

One way to keep this game for adults dirty is by spilling kinky concoctions like honey, chocolate, wine and tequila in sexually arousing parts of your bodies and making each other find these using your tongues.

The kissing game

This is a fun game to play with your boyfriend in bed, most especially if you’re only beginning to explore what turns you both on. You can start losing your sex inhibitions using this game. You will need candies of different flavors. Pick one, kiss your partner, and let your partner guess the right flavor.

Kinky spelling

Choose an erotic part of each other’s bodies where you will both spell a word with your fingers. This is a great game to play with your partner in bed when you’re still feeding an intimacy or, trying to rekindle an old spark. Spell the words on his back. Ask him to spell it on your thigh or belly. Give each other a spank on the back or, strip down with every wrong answer.

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Be a masseuse

Massaging your partner is one of the surefire ways of getting him turned on. Learn a massaging technique and emphasize on touching the more sensual areas of his body. Ride on his back for a back massage or, you can start dry humping by massaging his shoulders from the front. You can turn this from a regular massage or, make it into a hot couple game. Play however you want.

Stripper dare

Play a question and answer game. It can be a question about yourselves and your personal preferences. As a sex game for married couples to play, you can each make the questions about your memories together. Every wrong answer merits a peek-a-boo. Play the game until you’re both naked.

Paint night

Turn each other’s body into a living canvas in the flesh. It’s a dirty game to play with your partner and it can be really dirty, literally. Use body paint to cover up each other. Feel free to touch each other in the most sensitive areas. When you’re both aroused, don’t lose the steam by having to jump into the shower to clean up. Have sex in paint!

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Time your foreplay

Foreplay is one of the best bedroom games for couples looking to take the hot and spice of their sex life to the next level. If you haven’t been giving each other enough time to get aroused, this is a great way to enjoy touching and licking each other before going all the way. Set up an alarm and until it goes off, don’t let your partner penetrate you.


Sometimes, a little bit of imagination is really all you need to keep yourself interesting to your partner and him to you. What have you got to lose? Start small and build up the arousal from there.

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