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Advanced Skin Cancer Study Yields Promising Results

Recent trials for new treatments on advanced skin cancer stirred excitement among the health care community with its promising results.

There were two new international trials that were administered on cases of advanced melanoma. The new treatments were designed to make it easier for the immune system to detect and target the tumors in the body.

Pembrolizumab and nivolumab are the new experimental drugs used to treat the advanced cases of melanoma in the recent international experiments.

These new drugs can block the biological pathway that cancers use to camouflage themselves to avoid being detected by the immune system.

The new medications were tested on patients with advanced melanoma where cancer has started to spread to other parts of the body. This type of cancer is very difficult to treat with only less than six months typically given for patients to live.

The pembrolizumab was tested on 411 patients with the advanced melanoma and 69 percent of the patients lived longer than a year.

The drug was also tested on various cancers that have the same issue as the advanced melanoma where it hides itself from the immune system. The promising results of these tests pleased doctors.

Meanwhile, nivolumab is still currently on trial. This drug is being combined with an immunotherapy drug, ipilimumab. In the test, 85 percent out of 53 patients lived longer than one year, while 79 percent lived more than two years.

Health experts are very exited with the results of the study despite it being administered to a small number of patients. Bigger experiments will later on be administered to gain a wider scope of results. Meanwhile, researchers are optimistic that they would obtain definitive data about these new skin cancer drugs by next year. This is very promising for health experts, because they might have just discovered a new way to combat these advanced cancers.

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