8 Best Detox Foods to Help You Lead a Healthy Life

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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2016

Plenty of red flags are already raised high to determine us to be more careful of the things we digest. With the right kind of exposure and promotion, people are slowly starting to be more wary of what they toss in their shopping cart. And the sad part is that the things we need to avoid are a lot less obvious than we may think. Danger can lurk even within the foods that are typically considered healthy and natural. But let’s say we’ve already lived a lifestyle engulfed in these perils. Can we recover from it? Yes, of course! By turning to detox foods, you can filter out just enough toxins and unhealthy substances to make your liver breathe in content.

1. Artichokes

To truly follow a detox diet from A to Z it means to be extra mindful of the wellbeing of your liver, weighed down by copious amounts of toxins and maleficent substances. Artichokes hit the nail on the head with their properties that give the liver a boost in its cleansing activities. Moreover, artichokes also improve bile production, which is a good thing when you need all the nutrients in your food to be broken down and properly used.

2. Lemons

Lemons are one of those detox foods that you don’t even need to cook and stir up in an actual meal. All it takes is a squeeze of fresh lemon juice into a glass of warm water every day for the beneficial effects to start showing up. Lemons are pretty popular choices for those that wish to follow cleansing diets, but they’re also generally helpful to our digestive system as well. It’s preferred that you don’t stir sugar into the mix.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is helpful in so many ways that it’s hardly a surprise to see it present on this one list as well. The myriad of healthy and beneficial substances collected by this unfairly widely disliked vegetable interact with enzymes in our bodies to help the liver quickly remove toxins from our bodies. Keep in mind that we highly recommend against heating up your broccoli-containing dishes in the microwave, as this ends up stealing away the broccoli’s detox properties.

4. Kale

Kale, alongside Chia seeds, is probably one of the biggest dietary revelations of the decade. It’s so packed with nutrients and vitamins that there’s no wonder that it also belongs to the list of detox foods that can balance out your organism. Aside from aiding the liver with its whereabouts, kale is also particularly useful for kidneys, which also require frequent care and cleansing.

5. Garlic

Garlic can help you shoot two birds with one stone. This is because it’s a pivotal inclusion in detox regimes regardless of whether it’s ingested by its own or included in other dishes. Garlic helps strengthen your immune system and, naturally, becomes the liver’s best friend. It also benefits the hearth, because it contains a chemical called allicin, which stimulates the production of white blood cells. Blood cells fight the toxins in your body. If you can’t eat raw garlic, the obvious good part is that it can be easily used to give taste to your other preferred foods.

6. Grapefruit

You could argue that the job of detox foods is to remove the malicious substances and toxins for your body, making room for nutrients. Grapefruit can do both of these things at the same time. Because of the effect it has on the liver (firing it up and giving it plenty of energy), grapefruit is an ace up the sleeve of anyone who wishes to go on a diet.

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7. Avocados

It wasn’t until long ago when avocados may as well have been labeled as the bane of our existence because of their high fat levels. Luckily, research and advancement have unveiled the difference between the good and bad fats and now avocados are blowing up everybody’s diet menus. Avocados are rich in fiber and antioxidants but if you really want to feel their effect, don’t consume it under the form of guacamole.

8. Ginger

If eating any of these detox foods on their own seems like too much of a hassle, you can resort to ginger, a root whose benefits can be traced back to antique Chinese civilizations. And you know what? The effects are still beneficial even today. Ginger can be digested through a variety of means, whether it’s by sipping on a cup of steaming ginger tea or by preparing a delicious meal.

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