Best Diet Plan And Exercises To Lose Your Love Handles

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Call them love handles or any other name, but the truth of the matters this refers to some stubborn fat found at both the front and back sections of your berry. There is no love relationship between the stubborn fat, as it causes discomfort and may often hinder you from wearing your favorite jeans or dress. Getting rid of the fat is one of the most challenging fitness challenges as they require a well-researched diet and fitness routine with consistency being mandatory if you are to get any results.

A lifestyle change and change of exercise regimen are some of the critical elements of the physique required to do Exercise for love handles efficiently. However, nutrition change is pivotal to the whole journey on how to lose belly fat; if you fail to check what you consume, you are likely to get the same results.

When it comes to the nutritional aspect of losing your love handles, it is essential to avoid having a drastic cut on the carbs. Avoid starving your body as the burning of fats will no longer be a priority instead you jeopardize your health. Avoid artificial sweeteners as they have been proved to cause your body to retain fat instead of burning it. The sweeteners arouse the desire to consume more leading to more fat storage and increase of the love handles.

The other aspect of nutrition you ought to consider is checking the intake of healthy fats and going organic. Take diets rich in nuts, olive oil, and avocados among other sources of healthy fats and avoid taking deep fried foods. When you visit your grocery, always settle on foods grown organically as they have a higher content of omega three fatty acids which help in lowering cholesterol levels.

When it comes to matters, exercise meant to address how to get rid of belly fat, simple activities like thrusters, squats, and hang cleans are some of the best ways of tackling the menace. Such exercise strengthens the entire body especially your core paving the way for a bright path on How to get rid of love handles.

Next on the line is settling down on the Belly fat exercises that burn calories in your body. Cardio workout sessions are perfect for raising your metabolism aiding your body in losing the excess fats. Sometimes you need to shock your body by just switching from a regular gym routine to a cardio one twice a week. Such a move helps target all those hidden fats at the front and back of your tummy.



remove love handles
Here is the Best exercise to lose belly fat and enhance the health of your backbone. Sit on your bump upright and bend your knees while you flatten the feet. Your back should be inclined at an angle of 45 to the floor. Though optional you can hold a dumbbell in your two hands and lift two feet from the ground, and try to balance on your bump. While at this position, twist your body such that the dumbbell touches ground next to your body. Alternate the twists from the right-hand side to the left. Repeat the exercise 30 times before taking a break and proceed for 5 minutes.


exercise for love handles
On this one, get your elbow, legs, and hips resting on the grand in a plank position. Engage your abs while trying to keep your body straight and raise the lower portion of the body and keep a straight plank line. Lower the body and repeat the exercise for 15 times on each side of your body. The exercise targets muscles around the belly with the movements aimed to Reduce belly fat.


belly fat exercises
Lie with your back with hands behind your head and knees bent, and do not grasp your two hands. Engage your abs by lifting your upper back and shoulder. Your upper back ought to leave the ground, with the aim of strengthening your belly muscles. While at this, move your elbow in the direction of your knees such that meet at the center of your body. Next, on line, change the position by moving your elbow towards the right knee. The exercises to get rid of love handles bring about the symbolism of a person cycling, hence the name. Continue with the practices while your torso is raised from the ground. Repeat the routine in sets of 8-10 on each side of the body for about 10 minutes, which is the best means on how to lose love handles men.


pass the ball
Passing the ball is a form of bicycle crunch targeting on strengthening belly muscles. The exercises to lose love handles requires you to lie flat while pulling your abs, spine, and back on the floor. While at this position, lift your chest and pull your right knee towards the chest while holding a bill with your left hand. Next, pass the pall beneath the right knee to the right side and form a crunch. You create a figure 8, involving muscles around your belly. Ensure the blades of your shoulders are lifted up and rotate your legs after every pass to keep the crunching position always.


best exercise for love handles
Knee drop is another form of ball pass exercise to remove love handles. Slouch flat on the floor; pull your abs tight to your spine while your back stays flat on the floor. While at the position elevate your legs from the ground and squeeze a ball between your legs. The position engages both your inner muscles and abs. Slump your knees slowly to the right while keeping your lower back flat and abs tight. The aim is to keep your back muscles stretched and strengthened them eliminating fats round these areas. Repeat the procedure in sets of 3 for 10 minutes to burn love handles.


burn love handles
When it comes to matters losing your belly fat, a lift will not be your best friend convenient as it may seem. Take the stairs instead of the elevator even it means going to the 10th floor. Stairs strengthen muscles around your hips and back causing fats around these areas to disappear. Besides, stairs cause your heart rate to raise leading to increased metabolism and consequent burning out of excess fats in your body.


Making a specific diet plan that targets Belly fat loss is not similar to causing one to lose weight. First, you will need to make a thorough audit of your lifestyle and make adjustments that question the results of what you consume daily. For instance, you will need to taking alcohol and red meat something that mostly affects men. Fat loss diet is unique in the sense it allows your body function optimally while eliminating the stubborn fats.

For instance, consider taking a glass warm lemon water every morning to get rid of toxins in your body and fats around your waist. Lemon helps speed up the process of burning fats in your body, but you will need to combine it with the exercises discussed above. Replace some foods in your diet by taking lots of vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables grown organically are the healthiest of foods as they help to maintain a healthy balance in your body. Such a balance lowers cholesterol levels and ensures fats accumulated in any part of the body are burnt.

Chocolates are rich in calories, and you need to eliminate them in your diet if the goal to burn love handles is to be achieved. Also, get rid of foods with empty calories as they only facilitate belly fat formation.


Best diet plan
Taking lots of sugar not only raises the risk of getting a heart disease but leads fat accumulation in the body. Added sugars contain no vital nutrient but are harmful to your teeth and overload your liver functions. Fructose is an element included in the added sugars only processed by the liver in small amounts thus, taking the added sugars works against you in so many other ways. What you need to know about the added sugars is that, when the liver is flooded with glucose, eating fructose forces the liver to convert the added sugars into fats. Thus, next when you see added sugars in your meals always remember what you are doing to your lover. However, keep note that does not apply to fruits giving you an extra reason to take in more fruits as the best way to lose weight.

One more reason you need to stay away from the added fats is that they cause insulin resistance. Insulin is a vital hormone in the body that enters your body cells triggering the burning of glucose. Taking lots of added sugars prevents insulin from normal functioning causing metabolic syndrome and consequent fat accumulation in the body as the blood sugars are converted to fats.


reduce belly fat
Research on fats reveals there are two types of fats; bad fats such as cholesterol and good fats from nuts and seeds that help the body in healthy function. Ideally, avoid the uptake of processed foods as they are rich in polyunsaturated fats. Always stick to foods rich in 6 fatty acids and none artificial trans fats. Avoid junk foods like processed meat, burgers, and sweets as they only make an already worse situation worsen.

Foods like avocado and coconut are rich in saturated fats. Coconut is rich in lauric acid that fights certain types of bacteria lowering cholesterol levels. Besides, it helps heighten energy expenditure by more than 5% causing more fat burning. Avocado leads the pack of healthy fats as they contain the best butter quickly absorbed by the body.

The fruit is creamy making it easy to consume even on its own. However, you will need to take fiber for easy absorption since the fruit lacks fiber and proteins.


Fat loss diet
You have heard the phrase, drink enough water every day to stay healthy. What you do not know is water has a significant impact on weight management since it helps lower calorie intake. Staying hydrated is the best diet plan equips your body to fight and eliminate toxins making it very easy to lose belly fats.

When you take about 3 liters of water every day, you will lower the demand for calories in the body since you will have a feeling of always being full. Taking water helps create a 500 calorie deficit every day leading to consequent loss of fats around your belly healthily.

When you take the bold decision of receiving enough water, ensure you have enough vegetables and fruits as they are the Best food for weight loss. Cucumbers and tomatoes help your body get more water and adding more fiber while checking your calorie levels. The fresher your vegetables and fruits such as watermelon and pineapples are the better they are to keep your body hydrated.

Replace the uptake of high-calorie beverages like soda by taking a glass of water. Consider replacing one glass of soda or alcoholic drink with a glass of water, either pure or give it add a slice of lemon. Taking a significant amount of calories from your diet and replacing it with water will help trim your belly fat or love handles.

Besides, how and when you water is vital in loss of belly fat. For instance, take two cups of water in the morning, and you will reduce calorie uptake in your body as compared to someone who raises and goes directly to take breakfast. Always get better ways of drinking your water and drink water 30 minutes before and after your meal to keep your body in check.

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