Best Dog Breeds for Your Kids

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Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Dogs are an excellent companion for humans, both young and old. Most canines make us humans adapt to a compassionate, patient, and responsible way of living. If so, then we can say that dogs are also best friends for kids. Research shows 74% of kids in school have asked their parents for a pet, while 78% chose a dog as the pet.

Dogs have a variety of breeds for a family that has kids. With the help from here, be rest assured you would make the right choice for your child. As canines vary in breeds, they also vary in the manner they can socialize with kids. However, there are questions you need to ask yourself before you get a pet into your home.

What Makes a Good Family Dog?

You should know that you consider factors before selecting which pup breeds you can introduce in your homes. You can check the holistapet dog breeds guide for a breakdown of temperaments and basic information on popular canines for kids and family. Not minding the difference in canine breeds, these three factors can help you decide. They are;

You should search for a hound with a moderate character. For example, a naturally calm pup tends to form a good relationship with your offspring than a fierce one. The pet’s attitude is a decisive determining factor you must consider before bringing a pup into your family.

The dog’s size does not say if it would be friendly or not with your children. The size of the canines should be considered in connection with both the dog’s attitude and energy level. For example, in a family with children, the larger dogs would find it easy to push them while playing.

Energy level
It is a matter of choice. Be genuine about the type of life you can provide a canine before introducing it to your kids. Hounds are naturally playful. But when they don’t get enough, they become wild.

To know if a pup type is the best choice for your family, you should make time to visit the dog and weigh your options before bringing it home. The pup breed that greets you and your family with its tail shaking is a good choice. Most canines are not ready to give out whatever it thinks it owns.

Questions You Need to Ask Before You Select a Pet Breed

After you must have met with the pup, there is a relevant question you have to answers. They are;

Is the Dog Safe for Every Member of your Family?
Pups prefer adults or specific sex to others. So you want to consider this when looking to adopt one. Choose one that warms up to females if you are a woman, and you want to get one for males if you are a man. Kids on the other hand would also need one they can easily warm up to.

What Energy Level does the Dog Have?
You can decide if you want a furry companion you can take on long walks or the one you would carry in your arms at all times. You can find more here on examples of canines with high energy levels.

What Instant Care would the Pup Need?
Older hounds may need to visit the doctor from time to time or a dog with long hair that would require a cut.

What Age Ranges Are You in the Market for?
Do you need a mature canine that is already trained and may need time to mix with kids or a young pup that would require routine exercise and easily mix up with the kids?

Will the Pup Be Friendly with Other Pets or Not?
For those with pets in their homes, you should select a pup that can quickly become friends with other pets in your home and be sure they enjoy the canine company.

Types of Dog Breed for Kids

There are many pup breeds you can choose from after you must have gotten convincing answers to questions on what you have to consider before you decide on the best furry companion for your kids. These pup breeds include;

It’s a pup breed with a sweet face and a happy personality. It is also known to move in groups. Generally, they are lovable and passionate, and this makes them safe for kids.

Bernese Mountain Hound
It is known for its gentle nature with kids. Its size should not deceive you. It is to secure young kids and at the same time love affectionately.

Bichon Frise
If you are in the market for a small-sized pup, the Bichon Frise is a perfect pick. It is known to be curious, loving, and caring despite how little it may be.

Border Collie
This breed of hound has a high energy level, and it is known to be smart, playful, and caring. This variety of the pup is arguably the best choice for a family. This dog breed requires regular exercise and training. It is suitable in families with older kids that have the time to train it.

Bull Terrier
This breed of canine is a passionate and loyal pup; they have affection for both adults and kids. Their level of aggressiveness wrongly judges them.

Golden Retriever
This breed of the pup is famous in most homes. It is an intelligent, caring, and loving hound. It is known for its patience and not aggression. This link has more details about this special pet for children.

It is small in size but with the attitude of a large hound. Pugs indeed require exercise. This breed of dogs can be a good choice for families compared to other species.

Final Note

On a final note, it isn’t easy to choose from these breeds of pugs. With the help from here, you and your family can choose the dog that fits your family lifestyle. It can still be up to your kids to make the final decision on which pet they want in the home.

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