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Best Nutrition Guideline for Triathlon Preparation

Besides the grit needed to endure any extreme running, swimming and biking, you should also be disciplined enough to follow nutritional

Based on experts’ advice, here are the top nutrition guidelines you should follow as a triathlete:

  • Have a food diary. If you keep a food log, you can keep track of what you are eating. This will help you determine if you are overeating or missing certain nutrition in your diet.
  • Eat carbohydrates. You need carbs to have enough energy needed for those extreme activities. Eat enough carbs to recover every after workout.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Eat enough fruits and vegetables a day to keep your nutrition intake balanced and maintain proper weight.food_epicurious1-1
  • Lose weight properly. Losing enough weight means losing 5 pounds in 5 weeks, not losing 10 pounds in a week or two. You need to eat properly to have enough energy for your activities.
  • Don’t deprive yourself. You can have desserts and give in to sweet temptations as long as they make up only 10 percent of your calories a day.
  • Eat enough. Don’t eat high fat and high fiber food during the diner and breakfast before your race.
  • Eat breakfast appropriately. Eat breakfast two to three hours before you run the race. 2013-05-31-runner

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