5 Best Online Resources for Cannabis Information

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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Cannabis went from counterculture to commonplace in what feels like less than a decade, and that sudden about-face has many people scratching their heads — if not suffering from whiplash. If you want to keep abreast of cannabis-related news or gain more intel on the latest cannabis information, here are the best online sources to follow:

#1 For Dispensary Guides: Weedmaps

Every city has different rules regarding where and how dispensaries can operate, and Weedmaps makes it so much easier to see nearby pot shops, evaluate their products and services and get the right bud to get you baked. This service can be especially useful in places that seem to have a tremendous number of dispensary options, like the Bay Area. Maps of San Francisco dispensaries can seem overwhelming, but Weedmaps’ system for categorizing dispensaries, ranking them, and offering prudent information like available services and hours of operation make choosing a dispensary a simple task.

Weedmaps has other valuable information, too. The website has guides to different cannabis strains, descriptions of different brands and products, how-tos for cannabis beginners, marijuana industry news, and more. However, for their dispensary guides alone, this website wins a top spot on this list.

#2 For Political News: Marijuana Moment

What a time to be alive if you live to learn more about cannabis legislation. Not since the early 20th century has so much cannabis law changed in such a short period of time, and keeping track of every local, state and national shift in cannabis regulations can cause headaches. Because cannabis can be contentious, you need a source you can trust — and that source is Marijuana Moment.

This website updates multiple times per day with well-researched articles about the various goings-on across cannabis culture. You can find categories for politics, science and health, business, and more; many of the headlines are of national concern, but there are updates for regional cannabis regulations, as well. Even better, the articles are not written in a casual or distractingly biased tone; from Marijuana Moment, you are getting the facts about how cannabis legislation is changing, and you are getting facts you can trust.

#3 For Business Info: MJBiz Daily

There are millions of cannabis consumers, but to serve all those stoners, there are thousands of cannabis industry professionals who need to stay informed about industry goings-on. So many factors affect whether a cannabis business will survive or thrive, from local and state regulations to consumer buying habits to investment opportunities and more, and having an online resource for business-related news is key for staying ahead of potentially devastating changes to the market.

MJBiz Daily is another cannabis-focused news outlet that regularly updates with unbiased information on all things canna-business. The site is separated into three major categories, U.S., international, and hemp, as well as topics like manufacturing, cultivation, and science. Any weed-preneur in any sector can find valuable reports on factors that could influence their business, which makes MJBiz Daily a can’t-miss resource.

#4 For Cultivation Help: I Love Growing Marijuana

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner grower learning how to raise your first cannabis plant in your living room or a seasoned veteran grower expanding into greenhouse growing after filling up hundreds of square feet of warehouse space — you can benefit from I Love Growing Marijuana. While this website is mostly targeted at novices looking for entry-level and intermediate information about caring for cannabis, the site has tons of tools for understanding different strains, tracking growth, and connecting with other growers, which can benefit cannabis experts, as well.

growing marijuana

Growing Marijuana. Image/Shutterstock

#5 For Strain Details: Leafly

Leafly has dozens of pretenders — Wikileaf, Pot Guide, Way of Leaf, and more — but none are quite as comprehensive as this ultimate source of information on cannabis strains. Leafly’s strain pages go into excruciating detail, especially when dealing with a well-documented strain like OG Kush: typical cannabinoid content, terpene profiles, commonly reported effects, and more. You can find reviews from real stoners on how they use particular strains and why, and you can also find breeders in your area that specialize in the strain you seek. When all this info is packed into an intuitive and attractive webpage, you know you have a top-tier resource.

These are our current favorites for crucial cannabis information. You can explore the web for yourself to find your favorite weed websites — or you can trust our judgment and rely on these resources forevermore.

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