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Blessings for Food Bank from Eating Contest

Finally, a new champion emerges at VGs annual Paczki Contest held annually on Fat Tuesday.

The three-time title holder Davidson Mayor Tim was edged out by Brenden Bailey who works from Hank Graff Chevrolet by just half a paczki. He ate three and a half pack of the fat and calorie-filled pastries in just a minute and a half.

This year, Bishop only managed to eat three paczkis whereas Burton Mayor Paula Zelenko, Flint Mayor Dane Walling, Flushing Mayor Kevin Keane, and Stephanie from Carz among other contestants from other businesses lagged behind.

Ahead of the competition, Bishop and Hank Graff dealership owner Chris Graff held a heated debate of who was going to win the contest. Graff said it was Bailey – known to his workmates as Strudel – who was selected from their own contest that was held last week where they competed who could eat most paczkis.

Bailey emerged at the top during that contest, and in preparation for the big even held on March 4, he also ate three double Whoopers from Burger King.

Graff said Bailey was a machine of his powerhouse contestant, noting that Bishop didn’t stand a chance to win.

It’s after Bishop proved to be smart fight following Bailey’s win that he lifted the young man’s hand in the air to declare him as the champion.

Bishop said he was more than happy to walk away from being the champion Paczki eater after failing to hold any title.

Bishop scornfully congratulated Bailey telling him that he can now have a whole year where people will look at him like he was a fat guy. Bishop said this on air with Carz 108 FM radio character Rod Prahin.

The event took place with lots of fun but also helped raise funds for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Local businesses, Fernco and Source One issued money from their own food drives while Graff presented a check to the Food Bank for $500.

Davidson VGs (5303 Davison Rd) manager Lisa Landis welcomed the contributions from the event noting that they meant a lot for the less fortunate residents within the area.

She said that the event kept the Bank growing continuously pointing that it was great.

Bailey could not get time to speak following his win because his co-workers and fans put him in a load-truck and wheeled him from the store, chanting at his victory. He was given a trophy for his win but will be required to return it next year to defend the title.

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