6 Misconceptions About Cannabis Concentrates

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Last Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Cannabis concentrates have been around for years, but with the relatively recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, distributors and users are getting more creative. Concentrates are becoming quite popular, whether due to their novelty or the effects they produce.

However, there are still many rumors and misconceptions circulating concentrates, and as a result, it is essential to separate truth from fiction.

1. Concentrates Are Better (or Worse) Than Bud

There is no definitive answer as to whether concentrates are better than bud—it’s subjective. Each form carries a particular set of characteristics, and as such, some believe concentrates are better for achieving a certain goal. Conceptually, this idea is akin to saying that although a Jeep is better for off-roading than a Tesla, it does not mean a Tesla is inferior at everything.

Concentrates tend to be stronger than the flower. If you are only looking for a mild high, it is usually recommended to smoke the flower. Instead, Canadian shatter weed would be better suited for someone looking for instant effects who’d like to limit the amount they are ingesting.

2. Concentrates Will Get You High For Several Days

Concentrates are potent, but no high from them is going to last for days. If you consume a large amount, you will get a more intense high, but it will not last longer than several hours. The longest-lasting high you can get from cannabis is from ingesting edibles because the metabolism process takes longer.

3. Concentrates Are Inherently Dangerous

It is more accurate to say concentrates are inherently risky than to say they are dangerous, simply because the high is more intense. Cannabis has a long, well-documented history of safety, and concentrates are no more dangerous than any other form of cannabis.

The most important action a person can take to protect themself is to research the substance before using it, just as a doctor would before prescribing a medication. Once you understand how concentrates may affect you, you can partake responsibly. To be extra safe when using concentrates, purchase from reputable retailers so you can ensure the quality of all ingredients involved.

4. You Can’t Make Concentrates At Home

The truth is, you can create concentrates easily and safely at home. Many people enjoy concentrate-making as a hobby. Creating concentrates at home can be compared to home beer brewing, with even fewer startup costs.

Concentrates can be extracted in one of two methods, hot extraction or cold extraction. Hashish is just one of many examples of cold extraction and also one of the most well-known. Tinctures are a more recent, popular form of cannabis that is produced via hot extraction.

5. Concentrates Are Full of Harmful Chemicals

After exploring how easily concentrates are created and the ingredients involved, it should be clear that they are not full of chemicals. Commercial manufacturers of concentrates are required to adhere to strict regulations resulting in products that are just as safe as others on the market.

This misconception likely came about from manufacturers on the black market not adhering to regulations in a shady effort to cut costs. Not knowing which products were tainted led to confusion as to the actual cause of undesirable side effects. Understandably, this has left concentrates with a lingering stigma attached, but the actual concern is simply not warranted if you’re purchasing from a trusty source.

6. Dabbing Creates Explosions

The process for making dabs—a concentrated version of Butane Hash Oil (BHO)—is more complicated than for other concentrate forms described above, and as such, it is not recommended to be done at home. The rumor that dabs are linked to explosions is due to amateurs not taking proper precautions when handling the extraction process’s volatile chemicals. Smoking dabs, however, is relatively safe when done correctly.

Dabs are usually smoked off a nail’s head using a blowtorch, so utmost care should be taken while a torch is lit. Employ the same caution you would around any other open flame. Electronic consumer devices have also been developed that eliminate the need for an intense flame.

Explore What’s Right For You

Concentrates offer many alternative methods for marijuana consumption that are both safe and effective. Finding the right option for yourself will largely depend on your own needs and preferences. If you are of legal age, there is sure to be a product out there to satisfy your marijuana needs.

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