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Last Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The world of cannabis is constantly evolving. As with every other topic of public interest, the news cycle of cannabis changes each and every day. With such buzz surrounding the drug for decades, it’s no wonder that there is always something new to say about cannabis in the news. But this also means there is plenty of room for news agencies and websites to twist the facts or simply not report them, which means you, the consumer, are the one that loses out! Suppose you are interested in cannabis, have a job within the industry, or are relying on it for medical purposes; in that case, you will want to be sure you are keeping up to date with all things cannabis on a regular basis.

Veriheal is committed to ensuring it constantly delivers the news that you want. It’s about keeping abreast of the latest information and news, keeping readers informed and their finger on the pulse. From products to industry news and more, it keeps you connected, bringing you an edgier and more engaging read, every time you visit the site.

A new way to get your news

Veriheal is the best place to get all of your cannabis news. The blog, Cannabis Central, is where you will be able to find an abundance of information on all things cannabis, such as the politics surrounding it and all of the latest advancements in the medical marijuana space. There are plenty of posts that are packed with very useful information, ranging from the cannabis lifestyle, to how to tell if a vape cartridge is fake, and the latest research.

All of the posts come from top writers from within the space, so you don’t need to worry about misinformation or articles that are simply not engaging! The website always strives to keep readers at the forefront of the latest news which means that it’s all you’ll ever need. It’s created by people who care for the people who care about all things cannabis.

There is a section specifically for dispensary news, as well as an area dedicated to cooking with cannabis. So, not only will you be able to keep up with the latest cannabis news at Veriheal, but you will also be able to learn some of the best cannabis recipes as well! What a combination!

With weekly roundups being the best place to get all of the latest top stories, the blog is the perfect place to go if you don’t have time to scroll through pages and pages of boring news and irrelevant search results to get what you need. The weekly roundup is a short video and article summarizing the latest developments in the space. Plus, there are lots of informative articles posted every week, so you can stay in the know at all times. But the blog is not the only thing that Veriheal has to offer, as it is also a great place to find out more about applying for a medical marijuana card.

Find an MMJ Doctor & Apply for Your Card

The first thing you will see when you visit Veriheal’s website is a button that tells you how to apply for a medical marijuana card and prompts you to choose your respective state from the drop-down menu. Below is an outline of how easy it is to apply for your medical marijuana card and how Veriheal can help connect you with a medical marijuana doctor in your area. Veriheal’s customer service team will be able to connect you with qualified MMJ doctors who are available for a medical marijuana evaluation. Then, once you’ve done that, you will be well on your way to medicating!

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