Could CBD Capsules Be The Anti Aging Miracle We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2021

CBD & the Science of Anti-Aging. Image Source: Pixabay

Everyone’s waiting for an anti-aging miracle; from celebrities to doctors to everyday people. Each of us faces one inevitable truth in life; we will age. The slow passing of time will change our bodies and our minds, there’s simply no escaping it.

Companies have tried for decades to design products that reduce the signs of aging but with little to no success. Recently, CBD capsules 10mg and other products have exploded onto the market, and with all of the benefits that CBD has to offer, could it possibly be the miracle we’ve been looking for?

Learn more about CBD, its effects on the body, and how its anti-aging properties may be the miracle we’ve been waiting for below.

Is CBD Really That Special?

As with any new product, there are skeptics. Although there is a growing body of research that shows CBD to be an especially potent compound when it comes to the human body, the full range of its effects is not known yet. Remember that CBD is extracted from Hemp Flower and it is still considered illegal at the federal level until 2018!

Now that CBD is legal, there is more research being conducted regarding its effects on the body.

Here’s what we do know so far:

  • CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is crucial to vital bodily functions and homeostasis
  • CBD does not produce a high or any major side effects
  • CBD is effective at managing pain, reducing inflammation, and even improving mental health.
  • CBD is vastly different from its cousin compound THC

As we learn more about CBD, the results seem to be quite promising. It’s rare that we come across something that produces almost no negative side effects but offers so many benefits. The facts listed above are backed by science, but there are dozens of other benefits that anecdotal evidence suggests CBD can offer.

What Happens When You Age

As your body ages, cells, tissue, and organs begin to break down and function less optimally. This is, of course, inevitable. Cells don’t regenerate or reproduce as rapidly with age, and things like skin and bones are hit especially hard. Conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, and wrinkles affect us more as we age.

The body also becomes more susceptible to illness as we get older, and homeostasis is more difficult to maintain. The ECS is responsible for homeostasis, and CBD positively effects this major bodily system, which could help reduce some of the effects of aging.

Heart Health

CBD has been shown to be a vasodilator, which means it helps dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow. This can potentially reduce blood pressure, which rises with age due to blood vessels breaking down and becoming less stable.

CBD seems to be a good compound for overall heart health, also helping to reduce stress.

Stress is something none of us can escape, and the heart is especially affected by an excess of stress. When you’re stressed out, hormones like cortisol are released, which causes your body to work overtime. Your heart can only handle so much stress and anxiety before serious problems begin to arise.

CBD is effective at reducing stress and has even been used to help with anxiety-related disorders and even depression. The calming effects of this compound help minimize stress hormones and bring a sense of calm to the minds of those suffering from anxiety disorders.


One of the first signs of aging you probably notice is skin problems like wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark patches. CBD pills, lotions, and creams are seemingly effective at improving skin health by reducing inflammation and providing antioxidant properties to the body.

Taking care of your skin is a crucial part of a healthy body. Your skin is the largest organ on the body, and also the “front door” so to speak for anything entering the body (unless it’s entering orally). Poor skin health can lead to illness or disease, as it’s the skin’s job to keep out pathogens and harmful bacteria.

We can only hope that CBD research continues to improve so that we may learn more about this impressive compound and everything it can do for the human body. The results so far have been quite promising!

Looking Ahead

The CBD market has exploded in just two short years, and experts predict its worth to be somewhere in the billions by 2024. With so many amazing benefits, a wide variety of products and brands to choose from, and an affordability factor that often dwarfs OTC medications, the CBD industry is happy, healthy, and moving forward at an incredible pace.

With all of that money pouring into the industry, more research will arise, better products will be produced, and, hopefully, a better understanding of CBD will arise from it.

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