5 Do’s and Don’ts of Using Eyelash Extensions

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Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016

Every human being appreciates beautiful physical appearance. This has driven the society crazy with the struggle to perfect the physical beauty by all means. Female is the most affected gender in this pressure. Most women have used dangerous chemicals in the struggle to make their skins look the way the world wants. In addition, eyelash extensions are what most people are going for to enhance beauty. They make people adorable but some have side effects. To be on the safer side, below is what you need to know about eyelash extensions;

You need know how to make use of the eyelash extensions without hurting yourself. This is what you should do;

1. Observe proper hygiene

For any beauty practice to work best for you, cleanliness is the key factor. Using dirty makeup, makeup brushes and eyelash extensions can result to serious infections on the affected part. While you walk around looking stunning with the eyelash extensions, they attract dust in the process of preventing it from entering the inner eye. If these dirt is left to accumulate on your eyelash extension, it can breed bacteria which can cause infections to your natural lashes.

2. Consider a silk pillow

Most people are fond of using the cotton pillow cases, but did you know that it can limit the beauty of you eyelash extensions? They cause friction which in turn causes split ends on your hair and possibly damaging the eyelashes. Silk have the same characteristics as human skin and therefore, can easily maintain the shape of the extensions. In addition, bugs rarely live in silk materials.

3. Be keen with prices

Be keen with prices

There is always a belief that quality things are expensive. While this misconception works in some cases, it may not work for all the things. Some artists charge high prices that are not worth their work while others undercharge. Consider doing thorough research on the artists before paying for their services. If the prices around are neutral, then look at the artist who produces the best output. This will ensure that the application of the extensions have no effect on the health of your eyes.

4. Ensure you are with the right aestheticians

We are living in a world where it is very risky for you to put all your trust on people. There are cosmetic artists who pretend to be true eyelash professionals when all their work is based on guessing. According to Borboleta Beauty employees, confirming that your service provider is certified to their work with license on the field is essential. Mallorie Mason is among the best eyelash extension makeup artist who insists that it is very important to ensure that you get eyelash extensions performed by professionals.


1. Don’t use oily substance

Oil greatly destroys the adhesive property of the eyelashes. This causes them to clump together rendering them useless in terms of beauty. Therefore, you should always ensure that there is no oil on your eyelash area.

2. Avoid picking your eyelash extensions

Naturally the eyelashes often fall off just like any other hair. However, pulling your eyelash extensions can accelerate the process causing some of your natural eyelashes to fall off prematurely. Unlike the normal hair, eyelashes take so long to regrow after they fall off.

3. Don’t wear unshaped eyelashes

Eyelash extensions can be customized to fit the shape and size of your eyes. Therefore, ensure that you are in the right size and shape of the eyelash extensions. Most professional eyelash artists can perfectly determine the shape and size of the eyelashes for your face. The look with oversized or undersized eyelash extensions is just like that one of clothes with the same characteristics.

4. Never wear eyelashes with eye irritation

Never wear eyelashes with eye irritation

The health of your eyes is far much more important compared to your beauty. A lost eyesight cannot be regained as easy as a lost beauty. You can feel irritated on the eyes either before or after wearing the eyelash extensions. In both cases, avoid using the extensions until your eyes recover from the illness.

5. Don’t use a waterproof mascara

Once you have the long luscious eyelash extensions, they are beautiful enough to be left without mascara. If you must use mascara, never use the waterproof one. It is very hard to remove it without necessarily damaging your extensions.


Luscious long eyelashes, truly contributes to the overall beauty of a person. That is why best eyelash extension practices should be applied. There are several low quality eyelash extensions that have negative effects on the eyes. It is sad that some people obtain these low quality products at very high prices. Ignorance should never be a reason to get into such traps since it is not a permanent condition. It can always be removed by keeping yourself well informed.

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