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Essentia Health Gets America’s Best Hospitals Award 2014

St. Joseph Medical Center scoops the best 2014 America’s award, courtesy to quality patient practices experience.

The award comes from WomenCertified Inc., home of the Women Choice Awards as an honor to facilities that are highly rated by women and create extraordinary patients experience for both women and their families.

The Breast Cancer Program was singled out for the Best Patient Experience in Breast Cancer. The award is issued depending on patient satisfaction scores from Medicaid, Centers for Medicare, clinical excellence and what women indicate they require from a hospital, including responsiveness of nurses, quality physicians’ communications and support staff, cleanliness and trusted referrals from other women.

Dr. Laura Joque, Oncologist/Hematologist, at the Cancer Center at Essentia Health – St Joseph’s Medical Center, said that they understand that patients require personalized care, adding that they were there to ensure the availability of best care close to home, close to family, and friends.

The Cancer Center is comprised of a team oncology and hematology doctors and nurses practitioner, radiologists and pathologists, specialized surgeons, dieticians, specialized nurses and therapists, a nurse navigator, social worker, clinical research nurse and a host of others.

Dr. Joque noted that their team of experts is deeply committed to caring for patients in Brainerd lakes Area. She added that they conduct a wide range of events from participating in community work to raise awareness about the significance of cancer screening, to raising funds that are channeled to impact the patients they care for in every way they can.

The local Cancer Center deserved the national accreditation by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer and recognition by the National Cancer Institute‘s Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) since it has demonstrated a commitment to delivering the highest level of cancer care to patients and families around the area. Additionally, the breast cancer program got accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for breast Cancers. Just the other day, the Cancer Team received certification from the STAR Program® (Survivorship, Training, and Rehabilitation), as an assurance that Essentia offers the country’s highest standards in oncology rehabilitation care.

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