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European study reveals resveratrol has no medical benefits

Scientists recently conducted a study that examines red wine’s ingredient that promise good health and the result contradicts popular belief.

The team closely monitored 800 villagers in Chianti, Italy to see if their habitual red wine drinking had any discernable impact on their health.

The scientists have not found any impact of the red wine on stopping heart disease or prolonging life.

This finding contradicts studies that sought to explain why there is a low rate of heart diseases in France despite the fact that French diet contains high levels of fat. Some studies have identified moderate drinking and eating of foods with high levels of resveratrol as the cause. These foods are dark chocolate, berries, and red wine.

Studies have shown these foods reduce inflammation.

But Professor Richard Semba from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and his colleagues have not found any evidence of this.

They conducted their nine-year study in a Tuscany region with 783 elderly people who have complied 100% in the investigation.

These elderly people have been willing to give full details about their daily diets and also gave urine samples to measure their resveratrol intake.

During that period of time, 268 of the elderly people died while 174 had heart diseases. Not only that, 34 of them acquired cancer.

Although the urinary resveratrol are not linked to the risks, the team reports that it was not also associated with markers of inflammation in the blood.

Prof Samba said this disputes the popular belief that resveratrol is good for people. He says it’s just a hype about health benefits that does not even stand the test of time.

The benefits of resveratrol rich foods could have come effective only when mixed with other ingredients.

The senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation Maureen Talbot said “this research is vital as it could form the basis of future medicines.”

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