Exercises For Seniors | 11 Best And Simple Exerices For Older Adults

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018

As we grow old, our bones tend to be weaker, making us more prone to injury. In fact, falls are one of the most common causes of death and injury in older people. Because of this, many people think that they should shy away from carrying out various physical activities to avoid these injuries.

For your information, one of the benefits of exercise for older adults is that it can help improve your strength and balance, reducing your risk of falls and injury.

So do you want to make your bones and body stronger and more resistant to falls? Here are some of the exercises for seniors that you can try!

Leg Lifts


This is one of the best balance exercises for elderly. To do this, lie on your back. Place your hands beside your body. The palms should be facing down. Raise your legs for as high as you can, keeping it as straight as possible. Exhale as you do this. Hold the position for 30 seconds then go back to starting position, inhaling as you do so.

In addition to being a balance exercises, many also consider this as one of the best back exercises for seniors as it can also help improve the stability of your core.

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Bicycle Exercise


One of the best and simplest agility exercises for seniors is cycling. But if you think that cycling outside can be a bit dangerous for you, you can try going for a stationary recumbent bike. There are plenty of cycling instructional videos that you can follow online.

Cycling is considered to be one of the safest physical activities for elderly because of the wide array of health benefits that it can give.

Single Limb stance

This is one of the simplest balance and stability exercises that seniors can try. To do this, get a steady chair and stand behind it. Lift your right foot, bending your knee as you do so. Balance your body on your left foot. Hold your position as long as possible. Afterward, switch to your right foot. Continue doing this exercise until you can balance on one foot without relying on the chair for support.

Considered to be one of the best chair exercises, the single limb stance exercise can help you improve your balance and strength.

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Walking heel to toe


This is another adult exercise that you can perform with ease and is the perfect follow up to your single limb stance exercise. Place the heel of one of your feet right in front of your other foot’s toes. Take a step by placing the heel of your other foot in front of the toe of your other foot. Choose a target spot in front of you and walk to it, keeping your body steady as you do.

Clock reach

This is considered to be one of the best balancing exercises for seniors. Again, you will need a chair for this. Stand at the side of the chair and hold onto the chair with your left hand. Imagine that you are sitting in the center of a clock with the 12 in front and the 6 behind you. Stand on your left leg then raise your right hand to 12 o’clock, then to the 3’clock then to the 6 o’clock. After that, bring back your arm to number 3 then to 12. You should be looking straight ahead the whole time you are doing this.

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Flamingo Stand


This is considered to be one of the advanced balance exercises so you should only do this once you have mastered the basic balance workouts mentioned above. Stand on one leg with your hand holding your other leg. Try to hold the position for about 10 seconds. This may seem easy, but the challenge is to keep your back, shoulders and head straight while doing this.

Seated Shin Stretching

This simple exercise is done to prevent shin splints. It can also strengthen the leg muscles to avoid falls.

To do this, sit down on a chair. Cross one foot over the other foot. Give your shin a stretch by curling your toes on top of your foot. If you want to make the stretch deeper, slightly press the legs together. Hold the curl for about 30 seconds then switch to the other foot.

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Front Arm Raises


Here’s a dumbbell exercise that is perfectly safe for seniors. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Carry the weights and place your arms on your side, with the palms facing backward. Raise both of your arms in front, exhaling as you do so. Hold it for one second. Then slowly inhale as you bring your arms down. Repeat this for about 10 to 15 times.

Tummy Twists

This is one of the abdominal exercises that can strengthen your oblique muscles. These are the muscles that protect your lower back.

Stand with your feet about hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees, pulling your abs toward your spine as you do so. Place your arms in front of your chest in the form of a circle like you are holding an imaginary ball. Inhale deeply and as you exhale, twist your imaginary ball to the left. Twist it far, farther then farthest.

Keep in mind that you should only be moving your torso. Keep your hips in place. Return to the center position then perform the same steps with your other side.

Seated twist

This works just like the tummy twist, but this time, you will be sitting on a chair.

Sit at the edge of a stable and steady chair. Inhale, pulling your abs towards the spine. Rest your hands on the chair beside your thighs to be more stable. Rotate your upper body to the right for as far as you comfortably can. Make sure to keep your legs and glutes in place as you do so. Hold the position for a few seconds. Afterwards, slowly and gently return to the starting position. Do the same steps on the other side.

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Side bends


This is one of the ab exercises for seniors that require a dumbbell. It strengthens your core to help protect your back.

Stand up about shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbell in your left hand with your palms facing your torso. Your right hand should be holding your waist. Inhale and bend your waist to the right, as far as you can. Keep in mind that your back and head should be kept straight.

Hold for a few seconds and go back to the starting position, exhaling as you do so. Do the same steps with the other side.


There are plenty of benefits of exercise for seniors. Exercises can help you achieve a better balance, a stronger body, stronger muscles, and flexibility-all of these can help you to stay stronger and healthier.

So if you wish to live a longer and healthier life, we recommend that you start performing these exercises for seniors. Before you do so, it is important that you seek the approval of your doctor, so you are sure that you are physically fit to carry out such exercises.

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