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Facts About Artificial Flavoring You Might Not Know About

Artificial flavorings are known for being unnatural, but they may be closer to the real thing than you think. The reason why some artificial flavoring doesn’t taste like the real thing can go further than just its chemistry.8 artificial

The artificial banana flavoring is said to come from Gros Michel, which was lost in the 20th century due to the Panama Disease. This leads to the dichotomy of banana flavors and the common fruit, making the artificial banana flavor taste not like a banana. This notion, however, is a myth.

Banana Flavor8 Banana

The banana taste is mimicked through the substance called isoamyl acetate. Once you smell it, you immediately think “banana.”

According to studies, artificial flavoring doesn’t taste like the real thing because it can’t reproduce the other factors involved, like age, ripeness, and the flavor it creates after it is cooked or after undergoing a certain process.8 mad scientist

The Senses Influence the Taste

Experts say that it is the nose that is really responsible for the taste you experience. Besides the sense of smell, the rest of the senses can also lead to the identification of the taste given by the artificial flavoring. Like seeing red could easily transmit a message to the brain telling it that the product is sweet. A lot of giant companies associated to food service know these tricks and use them well.

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