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Facts about Plank Exercise

It has emerged that planks work the core in a great way and additionally, they strengthen your abs along with the rest of your body. If you are planning to start on your summer going to swimming pools, planks will do great for you as well. Other than improving your muscle tone and strength, planks have some other benefits that go unnoticed. Here are some of the facts about planks.

Posture Improvement
Were you aware that planks would improve your posture? Your figure will become appealing to many. Other than working your back, chest, neck, and shoulders, planks also strengthen your abs. Once they become strong you will easily keep your shoulders back while your chest remains high. Planks also improve your isometric core enabling you to stand up straight and sit upright for an extended period.

Easy to Adjust
Planks are not restrictive. You can easily adjust regardless of whether you are a starter or a fitness expert. They are easy to adapt to any specific level. Starting with basic plank moves is ideal whereby you hold up to them for short periods. You can start with a basic elbow plank lasting for just 15 seconds. Increase your time as you become an expert and try harder positions such as planking with leg extension. It won’t take you much time to plank for a minute and beyond.

Improves Flexibility
If you want to stretch out your back especially your legs, planks are the best way to go. While your thighs are pressed up stretching your hamstrings, this will also stretch the arches of your feet. With side planks, the sides get stretched, specifically while you extend your arm up over your head in line with your body. You reap both stretch and strength from planks at the same time.

Test Balance
Planks and side planks are ideal core exercises that require you to workout your abs to the maximum in an effort to stay in balance. Usually, with side planks or planks that require extensions, your balance is put under test and thereby gets enhanced. If you are considering improving your balance, you should try planks on a stability ball in addition.

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