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Fairfax County Food Bank on Blink to Collapse

The community food bank in Fairfax County risks collapsing putting its many dependencies on the edge. This follows the withdrawal of hundreds of thousands in funding which will likely prompt its shutdown in a few months to come.

This appears to be the delivery day for the James Mott Community Assistance food store where nearly about 175 families depend for food supplies.

These include people like Patricia Mendoza who says the she struggles each day. Her struggles aren’t simple to be ignored. She is pregnant and expecting to give birth to triplets. She has no place to call home and neither is she earning.

According to Cherry Mavritte, who runs the food store, they don’t turn away hungry people who show up in their pantry in need of food.

Sadly, where so many people used resort for food out of hunger is the place that needs to be sorted out right now.

After losing out of an $180,000 grant, it has come to the attention of the Fairfax County community that it is never an easier task for a food bank to survive financially.

With the exhaustion of people, organizations or companies whom they can write to seek grants from the Fairfax County missed out on their December deadline. Since they failed to raise the money, it is apparent that they have until June to close down their doors and vacate.

Mavnritte is worried of their next move asking where the Fairfax County is going to go. She also seemed baffled about the dependencies and what will happen to them.

Fairfax County Chairman, Sharon Bulova noted that the Mott Center is one of their most important non-profit partners and is doing all the best to stem the collapse from lack of funding.

Bulova said that he didn’t mean discontinuing working with the Mott Center and is looking for possible means to enable them continue with their work.

For Mendoza, this appears like a lifeline she is not ready to give up anytime soon.

She said that the program is the only one that can actually listen to her current and future needs.

For assistance, you can mail your check to:

11215-D Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030

Else, visit their website on and click on the donation tab on the top right-hand column.

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