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Foods To Be Avoided In Your Diet

Everyone knows why they should stay clear of hard-and-fast foods, but there are certain other foods that are not good for your health. This doesn’t mean that you will fall sick and die if you eat these foods once. It only means you should avoid them as much as you can. These foods include:

a) American Cheese
A New York-based dietitian, Beth Warren says American cheese is not ‘cheese’ at all but a creation of something that looks like ‘cheese’ from a blend of whey protein, emulsifiers, solids, milk fats and food coloring. It is so high in fat and sodium such that a slice of it is similar to high-fat meat.

b) Processed Meats
Meats that are processed with nitrites or nitrates are not good for your health. These foods include hot dogs, bacon, ham, salami, etc. they are not only full of unhealthy fats but also have 50 percent more preservatives and 400 percent more sodium than unprocessed red meat! The nitrites and nitrates that they are processed with have also been linked to cancers.

c) Margarine
Many people consider margarines to be healthy foods because they are made from vegetable oils are low in cholesterol. However, margarines contain artery-clogging trans fats and are also high in salt making them quite unhealthy. Trans fats increase blood cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.

d) Regular Soda

Regular Soda

Soda is very bad for your health. On average, every can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. Consuming such a large quantity of sugar will make your body to create excess insulin to help the body to absorb the sugar from the blood stream. Over time, this response increases the risk of diabetes and some forms of cancer.

e) Diet Soda And “Sugar-Free” Candies
There is no sugar in this staff but it contains some artificial sweeteners that are not good for your health. Not all artificial sweeteners are equally offensive, but over time, they can dull you senses to naturally sweet foods. This will make sweet foods like fruits taste worse for you. Some of these artificial sweeteners have been linked to heightened risk of strokes, heart attacks, depression, tooth decay, per-mature birth and pancreatic cancer.

Any sweet advertised as being “sugar-free” contains artificial sweeteners, which means it will have similar effects like diet soda or any other food containing these artificial sweeteners.

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