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Genes Responsible for Pain Tolerance

Scientists have discovered four genes that play important role in deciding pain tolerance among different individuals.

Tobore Onojjighofia from Proove Biosciences and a member of the American Academy of Neurology said the study was quite significant because it provided an objective way to understand pain and reasons why some individuals have a higher tolerance for pain than others.

Recognizing if a person has these four genes will assist doctors to better understand a patient’s perception to pain.

To come up with this, the researchers evaluated 2,271 patients diagnosed with chronic pain for four genes which are COMT, DRD2, DRD1, and OPRK1.

Ratings about the participants’ perception to pain were made on a scale of zero to 10.

9% of the participants had low pain perception, 46% had moderate perception, and 45% reported high pain perception.

The researchers discovered that the DRD1 gene variant was 33% more prevalent in the low-pain cluster than in the high-pain group.

For people who expressed moderate pain perception, the COMT and OPRK genes variants were 25% and 19% more often found than in those with high-pain perception?

The [email protected] variant was 25% more common among participants with a high pain perception compared to the group with moderate pain.

Onojjighofia suggested that identifying genes that may be playing a role in pain perception could provide a target for coming up with new therapies and help doctors to better understand their patients’ pain perception.

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