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North Staffordshire Health Program For Kids With Mental Health

Health Lifestyle Program For kids With Mental Health Needs in North Staffordshire

Under a new program, teenagers undergoing treatments at a specialist mental health center in North Staffordshire are being flooded with health promotion advices to improve their lifestyles.

The teens, aged between 12 and 18, occupy the Darwin adolescent unit in Penkhull with conditions such as eating disorders, intentional self-harm, and psychosis.

They are being drawn from the surrounding Potteries as well as the wider West Midlands regions.

While occupying its 15 beds, they are being taught a wide range of lessons by staff to enable them live healthier lifestyles.

Some of the common topics being covered include safe sex, weight management, exercise, and sleep hygiene.

Carol Hinds, the Center Manager, said that they are trying to make the subjects more interesting and exciting for the teens in order to make them say that they didn’t hear it before during their time in school.

Noting that they are aware that the GPs are doing so much in the same area, she said that they hope the program will be of help to the youngsters.

Melanie Hart, the service line manager contributed saying that they need to carry out the program in a fun way without seemingly appearing as patrons, such that the patients will engage more.

The service is being conducted under the leadership of Combined Healthcare mental health trust. It is chaired by Ken Jarrold, who stated that their course was in deed encouraging, adding that it is quite important to look at the physical health of patients along with the mental health since there is a strong relationship between the two.

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