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Heart Disease Signs you Didn’t Expect

The most common signs and symptoms of heart diseases include diabetes, stress, and the most popular one, high blood pressure.

However, little did you know, there are other red flags that most people don’t know like hair loss and even marital distress.

Here are the surprising signs and symptoms that imply you have cardiovascular diseases:

  1. Baldness. Loss of hair means unhealthy circulation. According to a report from the Archives of Internal Medicine, top rear head balding is related to cardiovascular disease. Unhealthy heart circulation may lead to lack of proper circulation in the hair follicle which shows up as hair loss.
  2. Sleep Apnea. The way you snore may reflect that your heart is struggling. You snore because your airways are obstructed. Obstructed airways are usually linked to cardiovascular diseases. If you have snoring problems, take a sleep test immediately and ask your doctor for the advisable course of action.
  3. Migraines. Headaches can turn to heartaches, because irregular circulation in the head can contribute to problems concerning the heart. If you experience migraine, don’t just take pain relievers, consult your doctor and find out if it is affecting your heart in any way.
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  5. Plastic bottle. Plastic bottles have bisphnenol A (BPA) that produce estrogen-like molecule that has the same effect brought by estrogen. This could increase the risk for women to incur heart diseases. BPA has many other adverse effects to your body, but that would be for another article. So, make sure you throw those plastic bottles in the trash or recycle bins.
  6. Marital Problems. If you are arguing too frequently with your husband, then your risk to get a real broken heart will increase. The receptors and circulation in a woman’s heart is far different compared to men’s. Stress can lead to depression, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Learn how to handle your stress properly and avoid heart disease.
  7. Sexual Problems. Sexual dysfunction among men and women is unique, but it both can be linked to heart diseases. Circulation problem in one area of your body would mean circulation problem in other parts of your body, like your heart. Consult your doctor right away to solve your heart and sexual problems.

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