How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Workouts

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Last Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Autumn is upon us, and we all know what that means. Pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters, Halloween, and falling leaves. Time to get cozy and start preparing for winter. It’s also time, however, to start thinking about how you are going to keep yourself in shape through the colder months.

You may have been stuck at home for most of the summer, and maybe you are not looking forward to more of the same. A great workout routine can help you kick the doldrums of monotony to the curb, give you something to look forward to, and keep your emotions balanced and positive. Keep reading for tips on how to make the most of staying at home and getting fit.

#1 Set a Schedule

Even though it has been a while since the first stay at home orders went into effect, many people are just now learning that their offices will be requiring remote work until sometime in 2021. To make matters worse, students have uncertain schedules as well, with some schools being online and others on the brink of shutting down in-person classes any day.

We get that keeping a schedule under these conditions may be a real challenge, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your mental health and motivation. Regular exercise will make it easier for you to get yourself onto a regular sleep/wake cycle, and a consistent routine will help you make exercise automatic.

CBD can also help you reset your circadian rhythm, with its balancing effects. It supports healthier functioning in your endocannabinoid system, which operates to restore homeostasis in response to internal and external changes. Who doesn’t need a little more homeostasis in their lives right now?

Try starting out with a dose of CBD oil or CBD gummies like the ones made by EVN CBD right before bed, to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your morning workout.

#2 Get the Right Supplies

You really don’t need anything in order to work out at home. Not even shoes, depending on your routine. However, if you choose a type of workout that requires anything special, make sure you have it.

If you run, make sure you have the right shoes to prevent injury to your knees and ankles. If you do yoga, get a good mat in order to avoid slipping onto your face during a juicy Downward Dog. You may also have fun getting creative with making your own equipment like homemade weights or resistance bands.

Additionally, it can be helpful just to have the things you want to help you stay motivated. You may not need those adorable yoga pants, but you would certainly love to have more of a reason to put them on than lounging around the house. Go ahead and give yourself a little pre-reward. It may give you just enough of a dopamine boost to get your body moving.

#3 Stay Hydrated

Going to the gym just feels different than trying to do the same workouts at home. It’s motivating to gather all your stuff and throw it into your bag. Clean clothes for after your sweat sesh? Check. Running shoes? Check. Energy bar to nosh after? Check. Water bottle? Check.

When you’re working out at home, you may not have to pack your bag; but you do need to make sure you are drinking enough water regardless. Go ahead and fill up the same water bottle you would normally take to the gym—then drink it all.

You may even be more dehydrated than you normally are, with all the time spent at home. Poor sleep, anxiety, and an altered diet can all lead to an increased loss of water. And with such a major shift in routine, you may be forgetting to drink your usual amount of water.

#4 Feed Your Muscles

Spent energy generally needs to be replaced. If you are working out and building muscles, they need to be fed in order to keep getting stronger. If you do not provide your body with the fuel it needs, you’re going to end up tired throughout your day; and you will experience diminished progress with your workouts. You may even be prone to more injuries.

Feed your body with the right amount of protein and healthy carbohydrates. Depending on your chosen routine, you may need to eat protein before and after your workouts in order to optimize performance and keep progressing; but you also need to get the right carbs too. Do some research to learn what works for you.

#5 Practice Active Recovery

When you have a killer workout, you may not feel like moving the next day. Sore, tight muscles can keep you from feeling like doing anything at all. However, a little light movement on your recovery days can go a long way toward feeling better, getting your blood flowing, and clearing out a buildup of waste in your muscles.

Try going for an easy walk, doing some light stretches or yoga, or maybe even a bike ride. Give yourself permission to take it slow, but do get up and move. Your body will thank you, and you increase your range of motion, setting yourself up for faster progress on your big push days.

We mentioned CBD before, to help you get on a more regular schedule, but it will help your recovery time and performance as well. Professional and Olympic athletes are turning to CBD in order to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery so they can get back out there and keep pushing themselves.

#6 Reward Yourself

Reward yourself generously for all the hard work you are doing. When you hit a fitness target, build in ways to make the moment special. You are a rockstar for taking care of yourself, and you deserve all the benefits of good health!

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