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Hospital sued for $25,000 after posting woman’s STD result on Facebook

One of the scariest things that can happen in social media platforms is when someone posts and reveals your deepest darkest secrets, humiliating you, and destroying your reputation.

This nightmare came true for a woman in Ohio whose STD results were posted on social networking sites by some hospital employees. Now, she is suing the hospital for over $25,000 for damages.

The woman from Winston Hills, who remains unnamed, was treated for Syphilis back in September at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. After the treatment, several hospital staff took a picture of her records and diagnosis, which had her name, and posted it on Facebook. It was posted on the page called “Team No Hoes.” People commented on the photo, calling her a “slut” and a “hoe.”

According to reports, the woman filed a lawsuit last June 5 at the Hamilton County against the medical center, two of the hospital’s staff, and someone who does not work for the hospital. The staff facing the case is Ryan Rawls, while the other is an unnamed nurse, while the other person getting sued is Raphael Bradley, the nurse’s ex-boyfriend.

Lawyer Mike Allen, the attorney representing the woman, said the hospital should always ensure that the patient’s information is protected and releasing medical records is a violation of state and federal laws.

The lawyer said there are four reasons for suing the hospital. The first is unauthorized disclosure of records, which is considered as a civil offense. The second is invasion of privacy. The third is emotional distress. The last reason is neglect on the supervision of hiring, which means the hospital is not responsible enough for their staff’s behavior.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center spokeswoman Diana Lara told a media outlet that the institution has not yet received a copy of the lawsuit and that they will be investigating the case.

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