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4 Household Item Upgrades to Improve Your Health

Your home is where you spend a large quantity of your time. There are some items around your home that can create common health problems and decrease the quality of your life, causing everything from breathing issues to back pain. However, there are some minor changes that you can make that can improve your lifestlye. If your body is telling you that it is time for some updates, then consider these 4 easy fixes:

#1: Change Your Mattress

Back pain is a common complaint among adults. While many people’s back pain may be due to arthritis or some sort of injury, you’d be surprised how much back pain could be relieved just by upgrading your mattress. The problem with an old mattress is that is starts to sag and begins to lack support for your spine. With each passing year, your mattress decreases in support until you are left with no support for your back at all. Buying a new mattress is a quick fix and is worth every penny. Nobody wants to go through their day with back pain, so visit a store like Dreamland and upgrade your mattress to one that can support your spine adequately. The better sleep you will get is an added bonus.

#2: Install New Air Ducts and Air Filters

As mentioned earlier, allergens in the air can cause you serious breathing problems. Your central air and heat ducts blow air constantly when it’s hot or cold, and with that, it blows dust and mold that has accumulated in the ducts into your home. One remedy to slow this accumulation is to change the filter every month. However, if you’re still experiencing allergy symptoms, then replacing all of the duct work might just do the trick.

#3: Replace the Carpet

Carpet may look clean to the naked eye, but inside each carpet fiber can be hidden allergens including dust, mold, and bacteria, just to name a few. Carpet can also host pollen that gets in through windows and doorways. All of these allergens are kicked up into the air when you walk on the carpet and can cause you to have allergy-related symptoms such as a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and post-nasal drip.

Plus, with each shoe that touches your carpet comes all the germs and bacteria from wherever that shoe has been. Cleaning your carpet works wonders for a short period of time, but for a long-term fix, consider ripping that germ-ridden carpet out and replacing it with tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring.

All three of those are easy to clean and you will not find any hidden health concerns in them like you do with carpet.

#4: Replace Some Household Cleaners

The cleansers that most people use on a daily basis are the culprit for a multitude of skin problems. Chemicals such as bleach and ammonia are irritants to the skin and can cause dryness, flaking, itchiness, and even blisters. Plus, if you are experiencing some sort of skin condition, check the labels on your dish soap and laundry detergents and then do some research. A quick fix, however, is to replace some of your most harsh cleansers with more gentle ones made of lemon juice, water and vinegar. You can buy gentler cleaners at the store or just make your own from those three ingredients.

Keeping yourself healthy is one of the most important jobs you have. Sometimes your issues may not be a one-time sickness or even a chronic illness, but just everyday exposure to a sick home. If you can make a few updates around your house to improve your overall health, then you can plan ahead for a much happier you.

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