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Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Why lasting longer in bed is important to your sex life

There are many reasons why lasting longer in bed is important to your sex life; for good reproductive health, maximum satisfaction, self-esteem, higher control without loss of sexual feeling, and many other reasons. It is common to find that most men are insecure about their sex life and penis size. But they should know that prescription treatments, behavioral changes, and some health tips can boost premature ejaculation.

For some men, they prefer condoms as a surefire way to last longer in bed. Their reason is that, the less skin-to-skin contact, the better for them. But there are proven tips to for sexual partners to finish late in bed.

Myths about female orgasm

There are myths about female orgasm which many women hold as beliefs. The common myth about female orgasm is that only ‘healthy’ women attain orgasm through sexual encounters. This statement is not to say there are no known medical facts about female orgasm. Naturally, women have orgasms without knowing they do. When women cannot feel the contraction of their pelvic floor muscles, they still reach the zenith arousal that brings a sensual feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.

This sensual feeling of contentment during sex is what other women get after orgasm. Another common myth about female orgasm is only ‘frigid’ women experience the inability to reach orgasm. But women have varying duration and type of stimulation they need to have an orgasm. More so, a side effect of pills or medical problems might be the causative factor.

Proven ways to last longer in bed

There are proven ways to last longer in bed, but it is wiser to know that a variety of factors are responsible for poor sexual performance. Men could suffer from stress, erectile dysfunction (loss of erection during sex), performance anxiety, or premature ejaculation. In some severe cases, these conditions can lead to loss of libido (low sex-drive). The proven tips to help men last longer in bed which includes; therapy, prescription treatments, and behavioral changes.

  • Control premature ejaculation: To avoid embarrassment; it is important to communicate your preferences with your sexual partner. When it comes to satisfying intercourse, there is a sense of understanding of communication as your woman may not be able to preempt why men need to control premature ejaculation (PE).

    Usually, PE is a common problem with younger males who are termed ‘one-minute men.’ There are two types of premature ejaculations; the first is Primary PE, and it is a psychological problem. Primary PE occurs when men initially become sexually active. Primary PE can be overcome with mind control and preparation.

    Whereas Secondary PE occurs in adult males, and the causative factors are physical factors and psychological. Daily hustles which lead to depression, anxiety, and stress are the causes. With the use of prescription drugs, the two types of PE can also be resolved.

  • Try position to help you last longer: There are proven sexual positions that help men last longer in bed. Orgasm delay can be a rewarding feeling not just for the man, but more importantly for the woman. There are sex positions that reduce penis penetration depth and stimulations. Also, the outer skin of the penis is closer to sensitive nerves and blood vessels.

    Men can prevent faster ejaculation with a reduction of stimulation to the underside of the penis and that little band of tissue that connects the foreskin. There are better sex positions that allow men stay longer in bed are; having the woman on top of the man, and perpendicularly applying pressure with the tip of the penis against the vulva. Another sexual position is the unconventional doggy style; the woman doesn’t put her weight on her knees but her stomach.

  • Grab thicker condoms: Normally the use of condoms decreases sensitivity because there is no skin-to-skin contact. Likewise, the use of thicker layers of condoms will reduce sexual stimulations and increase ejaculation time.

  • Breathe with the right way: Reproductive health experts are of the opinion that practicing deep breaths the right way helps to stay longer in bed. To learn how well to breathe during sex and eliminate anxiety, follow these tips. The use of deep breathing before sex is a proven therapy to last longer in bed. Involuntary muscular tension aid ejaculations in male and reducing these tensions can happen when you breathe properly before sex.

    Inhale and exhale through the nose for about seven seconds and hold the inhaled breathe for three seconds with relaxed muscles. Exhale through your mouth steadily through your mouth for 5 seconds, don’t be in a rush. Practice this technique repeatedly before intercourse.

  • Exercises to last longer in bed: When the muscles are relaxed, ejaculate is slower. The pubococcygeal (PC) muscles are the hardest body muscles to control. But with Edging and Kegel exercises you can achieve proper muscular coordination.

Learn other ways to satisfy her in bed

Slow Down: Animals might love rapid thrust movement during intercourse, but a man needs to take it slowly. The faster the thrust, the more the stimulations and the quicker the ejaculation. To have an enjoyable climax, the man has to slowly be in control and delay his ejaculation.


There is nothing a man can do to his small penis size than to have plastic surgery. But to last long in bed has a lot of uncomplicated options. The average duration of satisfying intercourse is above 7 minutes in older males who use natural means. However, most women love it longer — for fifteen to twenty minutes. When you are fortunate to have these kinds of women around you, then you need to step up your game to that woman’s ideal time.

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