How to Put Off Ugly Kilos at Home?

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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016

The issue of abnormal weight is one of the most popular and annoying ones. There exist thousands or even millions of methods, diets, advises and so on about getting rid of it. All these measures should be picked up individually. There are different categories of people who will do one thing, but will deny using another one at all cost.

For instance, there are individuality who hate going to gyms, because this takes too much of their time. People desire comfort and wish to do everything within the shortest terms at home.
We have found out 13 excellent tips on how to melt fat cells without leaving your home.

13 Tips of Putting Off Weight in Domestic Conditions:

1. More movement:
It is no secret that regardless of your diets, you will not be capable to achieve good results without physical exercise. It is advised finding light exercises, which should take place 6 times a week and should be split into 2 sessions – morning and evening. Pick up those, which would involve all groups of muscles equally.


2. Decrease sweets:
Probably, this will be the greatest challenge for all who loves different candies, jams, cakes and so on. However, it is necessary to eliminate them from your daily ration. All those sweets contain insulin, which is answerable for production of body fats.

3. Rapid reducing of fat consumption:
You have to abruptly decrease the percentage of consuming products that contain fat. The norm should be 25 gr per day. Nevertheless, our organism requires fat and too long missing of it would lead to negative effects. 2-3 weeks of such diet will not do harm to the organism. During these 2-3 weeks, avoid taking animal fats, all kinds of sausages, nuts, meat dishes and so on.

4. Medical cures:
Various medical products help putting off weight and curb appetite. For instance, Duromine in Australia and New Zealand is very popular and shows reliable results. One can choose other cures of the same action.

Medical cures

5. Eat less salt:
Salty foods and salt itself predispose for getting more fats. That is why you should minimize the usage of salt and the products that contain sodium in your ration. This will allow losing about 4 kilos per week.

6. Alter the calorie level of your ration:
The method of changing the calories you intake during the day is proven to be efficacious and helps melting fat mass. Intake 1500 calories in the course of 3 days. Afterwards, intake 1900 calories, but only for one day. Then, return to 1500 calories for 3 next days and repeat these changes. Do not forget to divide the meals for 4 times a day.

7. Decrease carbohydrates:
It is of great importance to lower the amounts of carbohydrates for many a time. Thus, you will decrease the amounts of water in organism, which helps losing weight at home.

Decrease carbohydrates

8. Exclude processed foods:
Different juices, compotes, chips and canned products have all sorts of unhealthy additives in their composition. They increase your body mass and can lead to different ailments and disorders.

9. Use more protein:
Protein sufficiently sustains body, gives energy and the feeling of satiety. You should intake 0.8 grams of protein for every kilo.

10. Dietary supplement:
You have to support your organism with all necessary minerals and vitamins. Different multivitamin complexes will greatly maintain your body.

Dietary supplement

11. Fresh juice:
The consumption of fresh juices will finely sustain your health conditions and will help to get rid of unneeded fats.

12. Enhance the amounts of water:
It is a well-known fact that the usage of liquid helps to curb appetite. You can drink green tea or tea with lemon and ginger, or simply drink pure water.

13. Sassi:
You can sufficiently reduce your fats taking a special drink, which is called Sassi. This will make your stomach flat and accelerate metabolism. In addition, it is very tasty.


The implementation of these methods and products will surely help you to reduce your body mass and get attractive appearance.

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