How To Reduce Armpit Fat In One Week | 7 Simple Exercises

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Can you confidently put on a tube and sleeveless dress without having to worry about bulging fat showing under your armpits? If you are then, you’re lucky. Nevertheless, that still does not excuse you from following several requirements to keep your arms and armpits well-toned and looking great. If you’re already faced with armpit fat, you have to work doubly hard to get ahead of that unwanted mass. Here, you will learn how to reduce armpit fat for good.

Causes of Armpit fat

You must never focus on how to get rid of arm fat in 1 week because the solutions that last and make a difference in the long-term, are the ones that you can perform with relative consistency. A word of caution: exercises for underarm flab and the other things that you can do to lose unwanted bulge in this area are not easily learned.

First, you need to learn the top armpit fat causes, as follows:

1. Genetic. Unfortunately, just like your good looks, fat storages and large breasts run in families too. These can predispose you as a good candidate for armpit fat removal. The good news is that, even the genes you inherited can be overcome by a good underarm workout routine and making significant changes to your lifestyle.

2. Inactivity. A sedentary lifestyle creates fat storages all over your body when you’re burning less than the amount of calories that you’re consuming. Other than watching your diet, therefore, you should also perform exercises to get rid of arm fat.

3. Incorrect bra size. Before you worry about how to reduce armpit fat, you should check your bra size. Wearing the incorrect size puts you at risk of forming lumps in your breast and armpits, and developing breast cancer. It also tends to push the fats in your breast outwards towards your armpit.

4. Clothing that is too tight. Same with checking your bra size, you should also examine your wardrobe. It may be all you need to resolve your armpit fat. Still, you will find the exercises to lose arm fat below beneficial to keep this area in tiptop shape.

5. Illnesses or diseases. Lumps under your armpits may deserve closer attention too, particularly if these are sudden and you have no reason to believe you should be growing mass in this area. Other than cancer, lumps on the armpits may also be caused by infection, lymphoma, allergic reactions, lipomas, and in rare cases, polymastia.

7 simple exercises to get rid of armpit fat

Keeping your upper body active, particularly your arms and shoulders, are imperative if arm weight loss is your goal. Below are 7 of the most effective exercises for arm fat loss:

1. Perform stretching exercises. Stretching helps you avoid exercise-related injury, promotes healthier cardiovascular system, and keeps your muscles toned. Follow the stretching routine below:

  • Place your arms forward, fingers interlaced. Slightly bend your upper back forward as you face down.
  • Place your arms on your back, fingers interlaced, with your palms on your hip level. Arch your back forward.
  • Raise one arm up, bend your elbow and touch your spine. Use your other arm to push further down your back.

2. Rotating arm exercises. These are a great way for you to start building your arm muscles and is one of the easiest exercises for flabby arms. Simply raise your arms sideways and form small circles. Circle your arms in moderate speed, first clockwise then, counterclockwise.

3. Pull Ups. This is not an easy exercise to learn, most especially for beginners but, there are ways that you can start building your muscle to prepare it for your first pull up. If you’re focused on how to get rid of arm fat, this is one of the most effective exercises there is. Follow these steps to prep you to do pull ups:

  • Plank. Face down. Elbows bent, arms in front of you, and palms against the floor. Support your lower body with just your toes. Keep the pose for as long as you can.
  • Dead Hang. Start by hanging from a steel bar. Stay for five counts, rest. Then, do it again.

4. Scissors exercise. How do you lose arm fat? As easy as doing this exercise that you can execute just about anytime, anywhere. Simply stand with your legs apart. Raise your arms sideways then, cross your arms so that the left arm is on top of your right. Move both arms to your sides again then, cross, this time with your right arm above your left.

5. Rotating wrists. Interlace your fingers as you bend your arms and place one above the other. As you shift to bring the other arm up, roll your wrists while you keep your fingers interlaced. Keep rolling from side-to-side.

6. Staggered push-up. Relatively easier than pull ups, this is a modified push up. Place one palm in front of you and the other at the chest level. Slowly bring your upper and lower body up and down to support your weight.

7. Chest press. This exercise requires a dumbbell or barbell with weights depending on your fitness level. Lie flat on a bench with both toes flat on the ground. Hold your weights to your chest then push up against the ceiling. Bring down again without resting the weights on your body.


There are things you can do to reduce body fat quickly but, you should be more interested to learn how to reduce body fat for good. Do the following to complement the exercises above:

1. Perform a combination exercise routine.
2. Alter your diet.
3. Refrain from wearing tight clothing.
4. Wear the correct bra size.
5. Don’t slouch.


Underarm flab is caused by many factors that you normally might take for granted. Some of these causes are beyond your control, while the rest are perfectly within your capability to influence. You don’t have to live with unwanted armpit bulges anymore if you’re willing to give these tips and tricks a try. Be consistent and you’ll have the armpits you’ve been wanting to have in no time at all.

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